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Activa & Jennifer Rene - 'Stranger', the final pre-release piece of the LP 'Origins'

Having gone ‘Into Pieces’ for his Pure Trance Recordings diversion last month, September sees Activa resume those Black Hole release manoeuvres at pace. With that comes the final pre-release piece of the LP jigsaw, ahead of his artist album return next month with ‘Origins’.
Calendar22 September 2021
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The story behind 'Mushroom Therapy' with Mark Otten

Music has always been a part of the life of Dutchman Mark Otten. Coming from a rich musical background, he gets involved in dance music at an early age.
Calendar21 September 2021
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Josh Gabriel engineers MODIFY: remix music on your phone created by your favorite artists

A new kind of music app that allows anyone to remix music created by your favorite dance music artists on a phone with the swipe of a finger.
Calendar18 September 2021
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NewsFlash Grotesque Indoor Festival 2021 - Wild Wild West

Finally some positive news about the Grotesque Indoor Festival, who would have thought that we would end up in this situation for such a long time. Everything seems to come to an end and we assume that this end is now in sight.
Calendar16 September 2021