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RAM celebrates 250th Grotesque Radio Show

Grotesque Indoor Festival #250 marks highlight with worldwide live feed & audio streaming.
Calendar e5ef892c200547dd5bbdaff8ded8a086cfcecdd8779114156648ed68eda3cfd323 October 2016
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Grotesque Records launch 3rd label; here comes Fusion!

It’s been less than a month since UCast’s stellar rework of Kamaya Painters’ ‘Endless Wave’ set the Grotesque Reworked label in motion. Two remixes of the legendary ‘Massive’ by Ralphie B were hot on its heels, all seeing the label off to a sprinting start.
Calendar e5ef892c200547dd5bbdaff8ded8a086cfcecdd8779114156648ed68eda3cfd320 October 2016
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Solarstone presents Pure Trance V5

Life. There are few guarantees. A Pure Trance event however is one of them. Indeed one you can bet your night on. Zero genre hybridizations, no clunky stylistically convulsions and an outright ban on artistic vanity - all fitted as standard.
Calendar e5ef892c200547dd5bbdaff8ded8a086cfcecdd8779114156648ed68eda3cfd318 October 2016
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Future Sound Of Egypt announce new label: FSOE Clandestine

FSOE Clandestine is the latest creation from Future Sound Of Egypt pioneers Aly & Fila. Catering for the darker more evil sound of Trance, FSOE Clandestine will play hosts to DJs and producers whose music fits perfectly into the peak time hours of clubbing.
Calendar e5ef892c200547dd5bbdaff8ded8a086cfcecdd8779114156648ed68eda3cfd317 October 2016