7Wonders - Momentum, out now through Rielism

Written by Remco on 30 October 2017 in Releases
7Wonders - Momentum, out now through Rielism
Introducing a new producer to the Rielism catalogue, UK talent 7Wonders brings an impressively unique debut in 'Momentum'.

With a melancholic breakdown, followed by a guitar solo that would make Jimi Hendrix proud, 'Momentum' delivers a fresh take on Rielism's traditional uplifting sound with a concoction of classic sounds, crisp production and engrossing atmospherics, whilst taking the listener on a hypnotic journey through their own emotions and their own minds.

One of the most refreshingly diverse originals on Rielism this year, 7Wonders impresses with the sublime 'Momentum'.

Listen to a preview of 'Momentum' on Soundcloud here.

1 7 Wonders - Momentum (Extended Mix)


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