Allen & Envy interview

Written by Remco on 19 May 2016 in Interviews
Allen & Envy interview
We are very happy to announce that since this week we finally found a new interviewer who will do exclusive interviews for TrancePodium on a regular base: Siobhan. Her first interview is this one with Steve and Scott from Allen & Envy.

When did you start writing music and what or who were your early passions and influences?

Steve: I started for fun when I was a teenager using Ejay on the Playstation, its kinda grown from their! Funny enough I tried to get one of them old tracks I made on Ejay signed, what an epic fail that was!

Judge Jules and Dave Pearce got me into Dance music back in the day before the Internet, listening to them on a Friday and Sunday night on BBC Radio One!

Who has been your biggest influence musically and non-musically?

Steve: I would say that Armin van Buuren is a massive influence, in the early days I set my goals as getting an ASOT play, then signing to Armada! Luckily things worked out and I've achieved both of these goals!

I don’t really idolise anyone outside of music, music is kinda my life!

What is your pre-set ritual?

Steve & Scott: One drink, and Scott puts the USB pen in and Steve does the first mix!

What do your fans mean to you?

Steve: To be brutally honest, most producers will say that they want all the A list DJ’s to support their music, and while this really does help as time has gone on I've realised I don’t really care if I get big DJ support as long as our fans buy into what were putting out there. The fans for me are the single most important factor in our career.

We try as much as possible to engage our fans, do pre and post gig meetups and anything to meet as many as you as we can!

Music has changed drastically over the years, how important do you think it is to stick to your roots or do you think it is more important to embrace and go with change?

Steve: I think its important to make sure you're being true to yourself, theres no point making or playing music you don’t like! I don’t listen to any other music except from Uplifting Trance, so this is what we make and we play in our sets. If one day I wake up and I'm not digging Trance any more, and not listening to it then that will the day to grow as an artist and try something new!

Who would you say is becoming hot in the scene right now?

Steve & Scott: There are so many producers out there making music and getting released, I think mainly because of all the templates that you can download, but I really dig the artists who make their own music because they have a certain flare about their productions, a uniqueness that sets them apart from others.

It's no surprise that we invited Allen Watts, Cold Rush, UDM and Mhammed El Alami to work with us at Together Recordings as we feel they all have great futures ahead of them.

What advice would you give to any budding producers out there?

Steve: If you can afford it go and spend a day with an engineer who producers for some of your favourite artists, this will teach you more than you can ever learn from a youtube tutorial about music production.

Don’t listen to everyone who tells you that you need a certain compressor, a certain limiter and god knows how many vsts and plugins, find a way to get the sound you want with what you have, just using the newest plugin or vst to get the sound your after because you can't get it from what your using isn’t the answer!

Invest in yourself, with both money and time! You only get our what you put in

What do you think of the TrancePodium Top 100 DJ Poll? Who do you think will be number 1 this year?

Steve & Scott: Allen & Envy of course, haha! No but in all seriousness, Anyone who really supports the uplifting sound we play would be great at Number 1, we feel that Aly & Fila will be number one again!

This poll is the one that most trance acts actually look at and take seriously, it really does mean a lot to us all, we put a silly amount of time into the tracks we produce, our radio shows and our live sets and often fly for 10+ hours to play a 1hour set so please vote for your favourite artists so they can get the recognition they deserve.


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