Aly & Fila exclusive interview with TrancePodium

Written by Remco on 4 June 2016 in Interviews
Aly & Fila exclusive interview with TrancePodium
In 2014 ánd 2015 Aly & Fila were voted world's no.1 DJs in the TrancePodium Top 100 DJs. With the poll running at the moment we thought it was a good time for Siobhan to sit down with them for an exclusive interview.

Who would you say is becoming hot in the scene right now?

There are lots of names who are on fire at moment, there are some great names signed to our Record Label - Future Sound of Egypt, names such as Ferry Tayle, Dan Stone, Darren Porter, Arctic Moon, James Dymond, ReOrder, Mohamed Ragab, LTN. Alex Ender, A&Z, Ahmed Romel, Bjorn Akesson, Alan Morris, Niko Zografos, Omar Sherif, Jonathan Carvajal, Monoverse, to name but a few, there are several others also.

You played at the Pyramids in Cairo… that must have been some huge milestone in your career. What made you think to play there and how did it feel to play such a monumental event that has gone down in the history of not just trance but in music?

Dreams can come true! We are very proud Egyptians! It has been a big ambition for us for a very long time to perform at the Great Pyramids of Giza. We had been working on this for many, many years. Huge thanks to everyone who helped to make it happen and to everyone who attended the show. The feeling of playing with that background will last with us until the day we die, was magical and inspirational.

You are known as the ‘nice guys of Trance’ as you are more in touch with your fans than most artists out there. What do your fans mean to you?

They mean the world to us, they are the inspiration, when we talk to fans worldwide at shows, or online we can feel the connection every time, thank you to our fans for the support they have and continue to show to Aly & Fila and to our Future Sound of Egypt brand.

How does it feel to be voted number 1 DJ in the trance podium top 100 poll and well on the way to retaining the title?

We are extremely proud to have been voted No.1, the previous winners are legends of this genre, we are very proud . Thank you to everyone who voted for us and who have voted for us so far in this Years Top 100 DJ Poll.

Why do you think trance fans around the world vote for Aly & Fila in the TrancePodium Awards and Top 100 DJs and what makes you different to other artists?

Only the voters can answer that question, we will continue to work hard to deliver music that people enjoy worldwide and also do our very best to entertain during our live performances and that people enjoy the radio show and label and our FSOE Events, we thank you all for your support, it means the world to us.

In your day to day life as Aly & Fila, what does your typical day entail?

We both have children so the day is a very long one, family life and work combined. But we have great support from our family to be able to balance work and personal life. Evening times is often spent in the Studio, a great time to work when every day life calms down. With our touring schedule also it means a lot of time away travelling, but we are very lucky to be in the job we are, to share what we love doing worldwide.

You run FSOE as a label, a radio show and also you tour under that brand so it has shaped you as artists. How has the brand developed since it first started and did you expect it to be so huge?

The brand has grown a lot in the last few years, in a few weeks the Radio show will reach its 450th Episode, we are very proud of this milestone. It is such a big part of our career to do the radio show, and the show is now on 60+ FM/Radio stations weekly. And since 2009 the Record label has grown significantly with a sister label in Excelsior also for the more Progressive sounds. We have a hugely array of talented artists signed to the label, thank you to every artist who sends us demos for the label and for the Radio show. The fans have shown massive support to the FSOE brand, we thank you for that. We have also announced so far x 2 FSOE 450 shows, July 3rd in Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles with Insomniac Events & Dreamstate and also FSOE 450 on October 1st in Victoria Warehouse in Manchester with Goodgreef and Rong. We also announced a new concept – FSOE Island @ Governors Island in New York City on July 2nd with RPM. Keep ears peeled for more FSOE 450 news to come.  We are very happy the brand has grown and we will continue to work hard to strive it continues to grow along with our teams and artists etc.

We understand that FSOE is now a brand in its own right, what does the future hold for the brand?

We want to continue to grow as a brand, with the label, The radio show and also our events. We have a very ambitious team around us and we are always bouncing off ideas with each other. We will work hard with everyone to maintain the high standard we have set for all parts of the brand.

You are touring all over the world over the next few months for some of the biggest brands and events in music history. What are you looking forward to playing the most and why?

There are so many, we enjoy every show every week, if it’s a club or a festival or an arena. Every event is special to us. The Crowds we see are amazing and so passionate.  Each summer we look forward to our FSOE Celebrations, Festivals we play at, our residency for Cream in Ibiza, we look forward to them all so hard to distinguish which ones we enjoy the most.

Have you played your dream venue or event yet? If so, where was it and if not, where is it?

The Great Pyramids was beyond words, but every event is special.


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