'Amber Sky', the unforced, completely improvised new creation of Airwave

Written by Remco on 18 January 2017 in Releases
'Amber Sky', the unforced, completely improvised new creation of Airwave
Musical genius Airwave returns to Bonzai Progressive for 2017 with the delectable Amber Sky which comes backed up with two top notch remixes.

As always we're blown away by this guy's brilliance, he manages to bring that WOW factor to everything he touches, his productions remain consistently of a very high standard which will continue for a very long time. 2016 was another big year for Laurent Veronnez, he ramped up his DJ profile with gigs all over the world and solidifying his stance among his army of fans. His last outing Pray For Happiness on JOOF Recordings gained a lot of support and we've no doubt that this one will follow suit.

Amber Sky delivers a beautifully constructed simplistic track that packs a massive punch. Airwave's trademark pumping kick drums lead the charge before a deep and lush rumbling bassline enters to the backdrop of mysterious layered FX. An intensity creeps in as the track builds while a calming pad fills the background. The lead melody comes through and marries perfectly to the changing notes of the bassline. The break dishes out a wonderful soundscape filled with rich pads and droning bass that fade off leaving a tempo increasing build up before slamming right back into the main track for the duration. Superb stuff that will not disappoint.

Basil O'Glue aka Greek DJ and producer Haris Vasiloglou is up first on remix duties and, after appearing on a few compilations for us in the past, this one marks his Bonzai Progressive debut. Having honed his musical taste through listening to many different styles he discovered that he had a penchant for electronic music. Through hard work and devotion he started to produce his own music and he found himself releasing on labels such as Coldharbour, Saturate Audio, Afterglow and Armada to name just a few. The remix intros with a proper oldskool progressive vibe that offers a deep warmth to the sound as throbbing bassline makes its way through. Beautifully crafted FX and a tight drum arrangement deliver a solid rhythm while floating subtle melodies come in. We are soon embroiled in a more contemporary euphoric sound as wide pads and big synths are introduced. A seriously banging track that is a definite must have.

Jamie Baggotts returns with another top notch remix. His last effort was on remix duties for Platunoff's Primavera which proved popular among many. With a slew of top quality cuts under his belt here at BP, Jamie is establishing himself as a solid artist and very much in demand. Lots more to come from this guy no doubt so keep an eye and an ear on him. On the remix here we set off with huge pounding kick drums accompanied by crispy hats and a bubbling bassline. In the background mysterious pads shimmer as an intensity starts to build. The bassline transforms into a powerful rolling pattern while melodic synths fade in. The break offers a short respite where we're treated to a beautiful array of sounds that contrast between the low and high frequencies before slamming back into full on mode. Not to be missed.

Airwave about his new single: "For many artists all over the planet, some of their very best tracks come naturally, because they finally found inner peace so they could sit down, play notes and move on. As if the track would write itself. I can tell, I already made the likes of Ladyblue, Alone in The Dark, and many more, just that way, without even realising what I was doing. Once again, Amber sky made me a spectator of music creation. Like a photographer, I felt like witnessing the light from the above coming alive through notes and silences. Amber Sky is unforced, its creation completely improvised, and its result, as human as it could be, a zest of the past meets the present and the future of my music. It’s far from being perfect, and this is why I think it’s a great track of mine. Who’s afraid of a breakdown at 990bpm?"

Airwave - Amber Sky is out now and available here.

1 Airwave - Amber Sky
2 Airwave - Amber Sky (Basil O'Glue Remix)
3 Airwave - Amber Sky (Jamie Baggotts Remix)



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