Bastian Salbart - Krush

Written by Remco on 10 May 2014 in Releases
Bastian Salbart - Krush

Just some months ago Bastian Salbart went on a musical adventure, and it looks like it's not going to end just like that. Quite the opposite actually. It's getting more and more interesting with every release! This brand new piece of music shows us that the young Polish fella is capable of delivering and evolving his sound.

„Krush” is Bastian's next cutting edge release with live instruments inside. He secretly teamed up with an electric guitarist to show us that such great result can be achieved when classic and electronic oriented minds start working together.

The track itself is leaded by meaty synth, strong enough to slash the air at any party, but yet smooth enough when listened to in a cosy environment. Also the breakdown seems to be one of a kind. Electric guitar riffs, vocal bits, the unexpected drop, which, like a sound of ticking clock embelished with atmospheric strings, proclaims another approach of the impact. Again, Bastian Salbart delivers a perfectly balanced tune, written carefully with attention to detail. It's difficult to guess which way his sound will travel, but one thing's for sure - it will be quality and outstanding. Stay tuned for more.

Out now on High Contrast Recordings.

Listen on Soundcloud:

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