Blackout Trance pres. Amsterdam: The End Of Year Album mixed by Three Drives

Written by Remco on 23 November 2017 in Releases
 Blackout Trance pres. Amsterdam: The End Of Year Album mixed by Three Drives
Blackout Trance closes the year with a bang. 26 Amazing uplifting trance tracks by some of the worlds best producers.

Blackout Trance: "It has been a pleasure working with so many talented people over the past year we thought it was time for them to produce for what is looking to be a fantastic album of stunning and pure uplifting trance."

Available from the 1st of December as a unmixed version or mixed by the legendary Three Drives.

Blackout Trance: "Our goal is not only to provide our listeners with quality trance, but to help our artists reach farther into the industry. We provide feedback on all inquires and demos sent to our team. We work with our artists to ensure we get the best tracks out.

We go above and beyond being a label. We are a team with one goal in mind: Releasing high quality trance to our listeners across the globe!"

1 F.G. Noise vs. Andrew Manning - Amsterdam
2 Brent Rix - Lunar Halo
3 Marco McNeil - Discovery
4 Fabrice - Northern Lights
5 Northern Trace - Oxy
6 Kiyoi & Eky - Nusa Dua
7 Alex van Gray - One Day
8 Ahmed Soliman & Omar Yasser - The Moon
9 The Avains - Corageous (Radio Edit)
10 Ben Ashley - Saturn
11 Eryon Stocker - The Sound Of The Seagulls
12 LightControl & Adam Morris - Fantasy
13 Marc de Buur & Cole Twains - Wherever You Are
14 2Faced - Obsession
15 Moreno J - The Body Pulse Of Seduction
16 Fawzy & Ryan K - Internal Blackout
17 Nicola Riviera - #ItaliaTrance
18 Rezwan Khan - Project 2571
19 Schneider & RoNiVi - Innocent Feelings
20 Fawzy & Ryan K - Internal Blackout (Eric Senn Remix)
21 Eric Senn - Astrum 90
22 Miguel Angel Castellini - White Light Universe
23 Jhonny Vergel - Season
24 DJ Abscence - Sentience
25 Hyperphycron - Soul Healer
26 Air Project - Hold Your Life


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