Bryn Liedl released debut artist album 'Surreal'

Written by Remco on 1 May 2019 in Releases
Bryn Liedl released debut artist album 'Surreal'
Bryn Liedl is a Canadian producer and DJ, born and raised in Vancouver. His childhood years of studying classical piano and music theory helped lay the groundwork for the evolution of his musical career. Bryn’s love of music would bring him to perform with multiple bands and musical projects as he explored his passion.

Over the past six years, Bryn has focused his attention on trance and progressive music. His blend of driving rhythm and melody infused hooks, have helped define his sound.

Bryn says: My debut artist album is a story about finding yourself. Finding your true purpose. Finding a path through the chaos of life. New dimensions are discovered as we strive to evolve into the best version of ourselves. The whole experience can feel quite Surreal.

Listen to the 'Surreal' mini mix on Soundcloud here.
Stream/download 'Surreal' here.

Tour Dates
09 March 2019: Seattle (US) - ORA
16 March 2019: Hollywood (US) - Avalon
06 April 2019: Paris (FR) - L'Officine
21 April 2019: Berlin (DE) - A Seven

1 Bryn Liedl - Soul Force
2 Bryn Liedl - Forgotten Fields
3 Bryn Liedl feat. Dezza - Always
4 Bryn Liedl - Berlin Haze
5 Bryn Liedl feat. Sam Ireland - Empathy
6 Bryn Liedl & Chris Giuliano - Permafrost
7 Bryn Liedl - Ascension
8 Bryn Liedl - Surreal
9 Bryn Liedl feat. Bethany Marie - Dimensions
10 Bryn Liedl & Maywave - Adrift


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