Carlo Calabro - Loudest Silence

Written by Remco on 4 June 2014 in Releases
Carlo Calabro - Loudest Silence

The Polish dude Carlo Calabro, after his recent appearance on Marco V's In Charge Recordings, takes the next step and releases a brand new track on Be Yourself Music's High Contrast Recordings imprint. 

Paradoxically entitled ‘Loudest Silence’ can be undoubtedly described as a meeting point of a few dance music genres. It lies somewhere between trance, progressive house (talking about the real one) and techno (a little bit of it inside as well).

There's really a lot happening inside. The Loudest Silence starts with a driving, acid-alike arpeggio which is accompanied by an also driving but groovy bass. When the first part's constant progression reaches its peak, it ends unexpectedly to make room for more atmospheric, gentle tones. The plot that follows the breakdown also offers something totally different than previous chapters. We are not going to spoil the fun and let you check out the rest by yourself.

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