Cosmic Gate - Wake Your Mind

Written by Marjan on 15 October 2011 in Releases
Cosmic Gate - Wake Your Mind

Heralding a throng of fresh new tracks from the respected musical minds of Nic and Bossi, their fifth studio album includes the recent single The Theme and 2010’s epic, majestic Barra; co-productions with artists like Arnej, Myon & Shane 54 and Andrew Bayer and vocalists Emma Hewitt, Aruna, JES, Cary Brothers, Cathy Burton + more.

Dreamtime is over. Wake Your Mind!!

2011 has proved to be another extraordinary musical year in the lives of Cosmic Gate. It's already brought the release of their early years retro-refit album 'Back 2 The Future' - singles from which took up residence in Beatport's Top 10 for an unprecedented 3 straight months. They've also delivered their hugely received Essential Mix debut for BBC Radio 1 and have already brought the C.G. experience to close to a 100 clubs, arenas and festivals around the world.

Now – saving their biggest and best till last – they're about to crown the year with the release of their new artist album. Nic says: "Wake Your Mind is ourcollective call-out to the EDM universe. We want this album to shake up people's conceptions of our music..." "And blow the lingering, out-dated misconceptions to pieces!" adds Bossi.

From the first beat and bar of the album, C.G.'s finely tuned sonics tear relentlessly at the speaker fabric, with the strident, spiked synths of their Arnej collaboration Sometimes They Come Back For More leading the charge. Hot on its heels is their new single, Be Your Sound, which sees Nic and Bossi re-teaming (after 2009's Not Enough Time) with IDMA-winning vocalist Emma Hewitt. On Wake Your Mind vocals play an ever-greater part of their sound-design and the album sports some of their very best. Taking time out from his film & TV singer-songwriter activities (including work on Easy A & Grey's Anatomy), Cary Brothers provides the contemplative, low-fi, rock-ish refrain for the album's outstanding title track. Cathy Burton meanwhile applies serious uplift on Drifting Away, while Wake hits it euphoric high around the stabbed synths and up-rush of Over The Rainbow (vocalled by South African singer J'Something). Scene darling JES supplies the can't-miss vocal hook to Flying Blind and at the other end of the tempo scale Australia's Alana Aldea provides from-the-heart lyrics and flawlessly articulated vocallament to the slow burning Never Apart.

The Theme – Cosmic Gate's cover of Jurgen Vries' livewire club-smash – delivers another floor bomb-drop. Its appearance in Nic & Bossi's early summer club sets was the album's vanguard track and sparked a rash of 'how-do-I-get-this?' questions from some of the world's biggest DJs.

As ever Cosmic Gate have looked to the less obvious margins to seek out the most imaginative co-production partners to work with on the album. Alongside Anjunadeep/Beats artist Andrew Bayer, they hit the 'H' in 'House' hard with Nothing Ever Lasts, which combines canyon-deep beats with swirling, sky-scraping prog atmospherics. Another vocal reunion (after the Sign of the Times track Under Your Spell) sees the Cosmics back in the studio with U.S. vocal doyen, Aruna. Completing the line-up (and forming something of a trance super-group in the process!) are Hungarian studio wizards Myon & Shane 54, and collectively they've created the heady, intoxicating All Around You.

Diverting brilliantly, Nic & Bossi continue to chart new courses and directions on Wake Your Mind. Whether it be the low-end tempo and hard-warp effects of Beautiful Destruction (Alana Aldea vocalling again) or the familiar, drifting sweep of their Brazil-gazing Barra, the album provides a 360°, all-tastes-catered-for listening experience.

Forget what you think you know... and Wake Your Mind!


01. Cosmic Gate & Arnej - Sometimes They Come Back For More
02. Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt - Be Your Sound
03. Cosmic Gate & Cary Brothers - Wake Your Mind
04. Cosmic Gate - The Theme
05. Comic Gate, Myon & Shane 54 and Aruna - All Around You
06. Cosmic Gate & Alana Aldea - Never Apart
07. Cosmic Gate & J'Something - Over The Rainbow
08. Cosmic Gate & Andrew Bayer - Nothing Ever Lasts
09. Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt - Calm Down
10. Cosmic Gate - Barra
11. Cosmic Gate & Cathy Burton - Drifting Away
12. Cosmic Gate & JES - Flying Blind
13. Cosmic Gate - Perfect Stranger
14. Cosmic Gate & Alana Aldea - Beautiful Destruction

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