Daniel Wanrooy interview

Written by Remco on 12 November 2017 in Interviews
Daniel Wanrooy interview
On the 1st of December, Daniel Wanrooy will release his artist album 'One' under his BORDERLESS alias. With also his return in the trance scene this year we thought it was a good moment to sit down with him and have a chat.

Hi Daniel, how are you?

Hey guys, doing good. Working hard, the summer has been amazing, can't wait for the next summer actually. Thanks for having me.

You've been off the Trance radar for a while, what have you been up to the last couple of years?

As producer I am always searching for new things. Trance was not really evolving in my opinion, especially uplfiting trance, so I searched for sounds that could please me and giving me joy in the studio. My music has always been melodic, but maybe a bit slower. I am more on the progressive trance side I think. I like it the most around 130bpm, with nice drives.

We met last February and you told me you were going to take the more Progressive road. How has that been for you so far?

Yes! Like I discribed above. It goes really well. I have had a lot of releases this year on Armada, Black Hole and High Contrast. They have all had support by Armin, Ferry or Markus, so I am really happy with that. I have signed more tracks for the upcoming months. I always try to make it a bit different, so the people remember the track once they heared it.

Was it a sudden change of style for you, or did you move slowly towards it? What made you decide to go down this musical route?

It's not really something I decided, it just goes always slow, it's just that I do what I like at a certain moment. Some days I start with a new project and the weather is nice outside and I think by myself “I am going to make a great summer tune”. At the end of the day I have a hard banger. It's just how it goes. I always try to start with a new project, I don't try to recycle too much, so you always push yourself into a new direction with a new kick and new synths.

How does it feel to be back in the 'Trance World'?

For my feeling I have never left to be honest. If you listen to “All My Life” for example, I feel that is 100% trance, but I think it is released under “house” on Beatport. I think it had a bit of the old In Search Of Sunrise feeling. But with my latest tracks I notice the “Trance family” embraces me now I release them on the trance labels again. Especially with the latest support in the big radio shows.

You already released several new tracks this year since the change, like 'All My Life', 'Alpha', 'Beautiful World', 'Turbulence', 'Beta' and now 'Gamma'. How has the feedback been so far?

Oh it has been very nice. I got a lot of response that people are happy I release my “old” sound again. I can tell you there is a lot more to come this year and next year!

On the 1st of December you'll release an artist album under your BORDERLESS alias, what was it like to produce this album?

Yes! BORDERLESS is my alias for more experimental work. I signed a 16 tracks album on Armada with this sound. It will be something totally different. From 90bpm to 125bpm. It was sooo nice to make this. With my “Daniel Wanrooy” releases I always work towards something. I change a drop till it will work the best way, in my opinion, on the dancefloor. I keep the breaks short so it will stay interesting etc. With this there are no borders (can you see where I get the name from?). If I want a break to be 4 minutes then I will make the break 4 minutes. Really nice and refreshing to do!

Any more plans for future projects already that you can tell us about?

I have some interesting collabs coming up, can't reveal much until they are released. Of course the BORDERLESS album will be a big end of the year highlight. I signed new releases to Black Hole, High Contrast and Dancepush. So a lot to look forward to.

Thank you for taking time for us. Good luck for the future!

Thanks a lot guys!


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