Degenerate Records turns towards the future with a complete rebrand as well as a clever new name

Written by Remco on 1 March 2019 in News
Degenerate Records turns towards the future with a complete rebrand as well as a clever new name
In a surprising move, and after developing his relatively new label “Degenerate Records” over the last couple of years, Sean Tyas is now looking to change things up and break away from the darker side to fully embrace every aspect of why the trance world noticed him in the first place.

Sean Tyas:
“I have gone so technical in terms of production in the last few years, that at times I have forgotten the most important thing that made me fall in love with all music in the beginning… Melody. “

Sean has recently joined forces with another juggernaut of the harder hitting side of trance, Rob Stevenson aka Activa on the label side of things, as they have discussed the new direction of where to take the label.

“We would sit down and discuss ideas and the one main thing that would continue to pop up was the question of as to if we should simply make a new label, as so many of our concepts didn’t seem to fit the name ‘Degenerate’, as we both wanted to not have something that was named in a way that was more suggestive of a darker sound only. I have known Sean since the glory days of Discover Records over a decade back as we were part of this new offshoot of trance that was just so exciting.“

Sean Tyas: 
“Look at the state of things these days… Billing Order… Social Media… Influencers… Likes… Shares… Followers… Views…

I remember a glorious time when I never carried a mobile phone, let alone something that could even take photos, and I would go to a club or rave and be there for 8 hours, engulfed in a world that I completely lost myself in. Sounds that I had never heard before creating melodies and harmonies that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge and unrelentingly forcing me to dance all night. When you looked up over the dancefloor, you saw only hands, faces, smiles, and no smartphones, no one recording every aspect of the night ‘to enjoy later’ – they were only there in the moment.

And the best part, well, best part to me, was that I would leave and NOT know the IDs of so much of the music I had heard that evening, for months and months… And I was totally cool with that. It was part of the magic. The sounds in this music and what they created within each track was there to make you feel and dance. It was meant to be taken as something was special to you and to experience with your friends you were with and the new faces you would meet throughout the adventures of these particular nights… “

“So this is where the concept of calling it “Regenerate” came from, and of course the elephant in the room is the not-so-subtle nod to how similar the word itself is to “Degenerate” already, which we felt was also very welcome. I want this label to be a big statement on the regrowth of this genre and the expansion it is currently enjoying all over the world. “

Regenerate Records will replace Degenerate Records on all portals immediately and for the moment, will NOT be accepting demos just yet.

Sean Tyas:
“As we undergo our transitional phase, we want to concentrate 110% on what we need to be doing to make this the best it can be, but we are not ruling out accepting demos at a later time.”

The Regenerate Records Official Mission Statement

The pure adrenaline rush causing that second and even third burst of energy unlike anything you are able to experience out in that so-called “real world”… Seduced by melodic structures that cannot be limited by even the most vivid of imaginations. This is how we as a global community define the sound we call Trance Music, and what a sound it truly has become.

These are the words that ricochet about in the catacombs of our brains as Activa and I have been developing the next concept together as a team. Especially lately, my own sound seems to have come full circle and right back into full on melodic territory, leading me through the last few months of serious contemplation about how to echo this into the label... Do we go and create a completely new one?

The answer is no… We upgrade.

Aerodynamic music characterized by precision & finesse… yet powered by aggression and passion.

Reconnect, Reimagine, REGENERATE.

On your marks, get ready to go…


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