Eddie Bitar - Follow Me / Liberty

Written by Remco on 15 November 2014 in Releases
Eddie Bitar - Follow Me / Liberty

Eddie Bitar has had a ‘singularly’ eventful time of late! ‘Metal Mouth’ & ‘Meloque’ opened his 2014 case-file before, mid-summer, Christina Novelli lent her vocal kiss to the July release of ‘Start Again’.

He’s also been on hand to club-up SHato & Paul Rockseek’s ‘Chasing Aeroplanes’ and mere weeks after ‘Chemical Spill’s download store clean up, the Beirut/London shuttling tunesmith’s been at it again. 

In even better news yet, his latest outing - through the ever-reliable VANDIT Records - comes in not one but two floor-dicing variants. With ‘Follow Me’ & ‘Liberty’, the studio-soul doubles down and from up his sleeve conjures another pair of aces.

All drum dominion, ‘Follow Me’ beats a whip-quick path to club floors. Hearty kicks, nagging-ly catchy sub-melodies and visceral lines of 303 energy all race through its production arteries. Further in, siren-call harmonies (ones that’ll goose a bump or hundred!) and its “Follow Me” vocal have Eddie putting the squeeze on the drop. Extracting exquisite levels of tension come its apex, he unleashes them all in a final seismic rush.

It’s leaner, meaner studio cousin, ‘Liberty’ shares degrees of ‘Follow Me’s digital DNA… Plenty of audible squelch, breathily echoed female FX and acidic frisson - its snare-rolling thrills set the track on the rise. Break-side, through elegant piano notes, and latterly round-housing break-beats & stabby, hardboiled tech-trance lines, he delivers its neuron-bombing conclusion.   

Nobody builds ‘em bigger & better than Bitar! ‘Follow Me’ and ‘Liberty’ are in download stores now. 

Check ‘Follow Mr’ out via the VANDIT SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/vanditrecords  

52-x50 VANDIT Records 12 November 2014

1 Eddie Bitar - Follow Me
2 Eddie Bitar - Liberty


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