Elated's artist mantra: the message is connection

Written by Remco on 2 June 2020 in News
Elated's artist mantra: the message is connection
Graeme Knapp, known in the industry as Elated, is making his dreams come true one collaboration and show at a time. Elated is a performer, music producer, DJ and musician from Canada. Elated has been DJing for years, but his mind set changed with in the last 5 years.

By Jenna Swanberg from Portland, USA

He realized that he wasn’t only interested in electronic music for the parties. From there his dedication and focus changed. Focusing on making music that is all about, “healing and being on the other part of the struggle.”  With so much music focusing on depression and sadness, Elated wanted to make music that was sending hope and connection.

“My mantra as an artist is 'the message is connection.' I think the world is faced with a mental health crisis and people feel alone more than ever. I want my music to represent hope and that there is help out there. I think there are plenty of songs out there about being depressed and sad so I've set out to make music that sends a message of hope and connection. “

His idea and hard work paid off when he landed a collaboration with the legend, Paul van Dyk. 

“Working with Paul van Dyk was a dream come true. Paul van Dyk is known as the godfather of trance music. Parallel Dimension has been heard all over the world. In his words he says the track is really something special. It's a lot different from the uplifting stuff out there today, he said when people here it, they just go crazy!

The whole process was relatively straight forward. He listened to a track I sent to the label and loved the lead melody! He had a clear vision for how he could work with it for his forthcoming album Guiding Light. He took what I had done and completely overhauled the track in that classic Paul van Dyk sound! Overall everything happened quite quickly and before I even had the finished track in my hands, he selected it to be the premiere single release for what will be his 10th studio album. It is a true collaboration with a legend and I am so proud of how this track is being received by critics and fans.”

Working with Paul van Dyk gave Elated the confidence and motivation to make music his full time career. “Parallel Dimension now sets the standard for all my future releases.” This is just the beginning for Elated and his music. 

Now more than ever people are wanting a real connection, and Elated is working on just that. The act is called, Elated LIVE Fusion. “My live show is rooted in my message of connection. I want a more immersive, intimate experience for my fans. Performing my tracks live in front of an audience is one of the most vulnerable things a musician can do. It will enable me to vibe with the crowd and take them on a more intimate journey. In other words we create a unique bond at each show that no other show will get to experience.”

As everything seems to be on pause, Elated is still moving forward with his music and ideas for what it can be. Keep an eye out for him in 2020, and as soon as live music can be performed again. We all know how much we just want to dance and experience live music again, and what better way to celebrate than with Elated’s new message. 

Stream/download 'Parallel Dimension' here.


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