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Written by Marjan on 26 July 2009 in Interviews

Elles de GraafElles de Graaf, born on 20th september 1974 in Alkmaar, Northern Holland, is undoubtedly one of the leading female vocalists in the current trance scene after collaborating with internationally successful producers like Armin van Buuren, Blank & Jones or Ferry Corsten.

Recently, she had a number of live performances on Armin van Buuren's "Armin Only - Imagine" tour in Utrecht/NL (in front of more than 16.000 people!), Australia and Romania, several gigs with DJ Bobina in Russia, special guest appearances in Lebanon and Malta, among others. A brand new collaboration is also in pipeline... watch out!

Sameer and Jacquelina interviewed Elles for TrancePodium.

This is quite random but I'm absolutely in love with your red hair, it was seeing you with yours that inspired my own! Who do you give credit for styling it?

Hi! I inspired you with my red hair?! Nice way to open this interview! he he. For styling for photo shoots or special events I thank my entertainment friends and colleagues... they are so creative.
For shows, I do everything myself. I've been in showbiz all my life and its a part of what I've learned. Although it sometimes goes wrong when I try to paint my own hair red and it turns out to be orange.

Who has been your favourite DJ and/or Producer to work with thus far? Who would you want to work with in the future?

It's hard to say because I like all the DJ´s I´ve worked with a lot. Even when I don´t get to meet them in person, sometimes that happens... for example with Ferry. Show you my world is still one of my personal favorites.
Working with Armin was very special for me because it involved two big time frames of my life so far.
AND of course my producers Raz Nitzan and Adrian Broekhuyse, they are absolutely fabulous!
I would like to continue to work with Bobina in Russia for sure and of course with Armin. Let´s see what new things come on our path.  The options for creation are endless and I keep my mind open.

"The Sound Of Goodbye" with Perpetuous Dreamer (Armin van Buuren) was your breakout hit in the earlier part of your transition into Electronic Dance Music. Prior to transcending into this genre what struck you about it to take the next step into you?

It went all spontaneously. I loved the energy of the music and was an addict of this kind of music soon. he he. (I started working in trance, when I was a true hip-hop/rap music fan). Because of so many requests and great fans we decided to continue. Yay! And now I looooooove Trance! What a change huh?

Haha, yeah. You were professionally educated at "Stichting Amsterdamse Balletacademie" in show, jazz, street dance, ballet, and acrobatics. Do you still maintain your dancing abilities and train in the studio? Have you had any recent performances you'd like to divulge?

So, you did your homework huh!? Yes, that's correct. I still continue to dance as much as I can. I love the gym and the ballet schools, just another passion!
I work in this genre too and train dance troupes around the world now for big shows. I'm still like a hippie/child, because I like to dance with fire (poi). he he

 Your busy touring schedule aside, what do you do to unwind and relax?

Travel more! Yay! You know... Thailand, Mexico, beaches, boats, water and sun. I´d like to combine shows with some time to relax. It´s a nice balance I think.

Being a gym freak myself, I have definitely noticed that you have an athletic body, do you follow any training routine, care to divulge it? & how do you manage to follow up on it considering your touring schedule?

Great, a companion gym freak! What I'm trying to do is jump my ass off on stage! ha ha.
Everywhere in the world there are gyms, dance schools, beaches to run on... I use all of that whenever I have energy left. (I mean, only not after a trance event).

For the trancepodium.com readers this time, perhaps any info to tease us - your plans for 2009?

I'm going back into the studio, starting this week. I will see what the masterminds Raz & Adrian have in mind for the coming time... to be continued. And I'm soon back on stage with Bobina again! Can´t wait.

Miss Elles, I have failed many a time in my attempts in acquiring the mobile number of a vocalist, do you perhaps have any tips for me? Tongue out

You have my email address! Trust me that works better for me then a mobile number. he he.
Good luck with that!

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