Essence Of Trance by RAM

Written by Remco on 14 March 2019 in Events
Essence Of Trance by RAM
Saturday April 6th sees the Amsterdam-based DJ RAM behind the decks in Paradiso North for an absolute one-off experience. A special clubnight, purely setup for the most passionate Trance lovers. From RAM’s essence of Trance, only the most beautiful Trance of the last decade will come together in a six-hour eargasm!

RAM’s “Essence of Trance”

For RAM the Essence of Trance event is not about the overplayed Trance Classics. Instead, he will focus on the more emotional side of Trance music in which you can totally lose yourself on the dancefloor. Is that not the very first essence of Trance? Exactly! And on this night RAM will strive to capture and embrace those feelings of emotion. To deliver you goosebumps all over your body, to see wonderful smiles appear in the audience and maybe even get you a little misty during a sensory breakdown. All these kind of emotions are part of Trance music and will come together in this unique musical journey in Amsterdam.

RAM explains….

"It is important that the concept of this evening is clear to everyone. I would like to take you along in my most personal set ever. A deeper dive into a journey that I have wanted to share with you for a long time, but am not able to achieve during my regular dj sets. So, this set will not be a mixture of tech, psy or hard trance, but a well-constructed journey with unique Trance pearls from the last decade. I know where I want to bring us! A special night dedicated to share the music which I experience as soul food!”

Only 400 tickets available ....

Because this one-off event has a very limited number of entrance tickets, make sure you move quickly so won’t miss out. Only 400 are available, some of which are reserved for the foreign market. This is an exclusive event! There are no 'early’, or ‘latebird' deals planned. Fixed price tickets and sold out means absolutely sold out! Tickets cost € 22,00 (ex fee) and are available via Paradiso Noord ticket office; you can buy them here! The event will start at 12 midnight and runs till 6AM. Paradiso North has an evening program too. To avoid heavy jams during entrance doors will open at 11.30PM. The closest available parking is in the garage under the Amsterdam Tower. Paradiso North is located on the other side of the water from Amsterdam Central station. 5 min by boat.

Note: We want to clearly indicate that the venue Paradiso Noord does not accept cash and all payments go via PIN! And last but certainly not least; the conversation area is next to the smoking room and the dance floor is reserved for dancing ;)


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