Extravagance SL - Kurai out now!

Written by Remco on 18 October 2014 in Releases
Extravagance SL - Kurai out now!

Those new rulers of the darker trance arts return… But a few short months after DJ Mag hailed their VANDIT bow-in as “stylishly complex, yet fluid and never convoluted”, Marcus Schleickmann & Phillpp Leske redeploy for the label with a second crack of their enigmatic production whip.

Phillpp Leske & Marcus Schleickmann have been rocking any number of spots with their tracks for close to five years now. Their studio outings are no strangers to the discographies of labels like FENology & Tool Tracks and most recently VANDIT. They are also regular visitors to the tracklists of shows like A State Of Trance (where ‘Nightshift’ became a notable Tune of the Week) and the review pages of the dance media including DJ Times, Raveline & DJ Mag. 

With it the Dortmund duo drop something that’s a touch moodier and just that little bit more brood-som. With a notably murkier aura than ‘Cthulhu’, this is a track that’ll hook you in from the first bar and plunge you into a thrilling, submerging 7-minute ride to the ocean deep sub-world of trance-progressive.

Not for no good reason is ‘Kurai’ entitled ‘Kurai’… The simplest translation of the Japanese word is ‘dark’ and that’s precisely how Extravagance SL’s ‘Cthulhu’ follow-up rolls out.

Boomy, doomy and enthralling, it’s unmistakably comprised, of the darkest sonic matter the studio boxes can generate. Expect atmospheric progressive propulsion, full-frequency ranged production techniques, subterranean FX, deeply reverberating bass… and perhaps just a touch of the unexpected.

The door to trance’s ‘Kurai’-ian netherworld opens today. Step through.


52-x50 VANDIT Records 13 October 2014
1 Extravagance SL - Kurai


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