Indecent Noise - Tech Noir, out this Monday

Written by Remco on 15 March 2017 in Releases
Indecent Noise - Tech Noir, out this Monday
Label boss Indecent Noise returns with "Tech Noir", a dark and twisted tech trance based single that sees him return to his musical roots

With a strong techno based percussion edge and layers of acid, "Tech Noir", a stripped back but punchy track is a prime example of the simple but powerful tech side of trance which has been making a recent ressurgance

Indecent Noise about Tech Noir: "Made in the summer last year, it was used as a matrix to shape forms of released already "Blade Dancer" and then "Serpent" and it's the most raw sounding of all of them. The main acid line was created out of three different audio recordings I made using my Roland TB-3 so again no software synths was used for this part. There was lot of jaming in the studio to create perfect groove to it - there are two arps plus single one shot twisted in many ways (quick cutoff / resonance cuts). You may also hear glimpse of Gladiator's fantastic vocoder loop capabilities starting in second mini breakdown leading till the main one (fun fact: Gladiator was used for main riffs in Hydra and Cerberus - what a fantastic oldschool vst introduced to me by Christopher Lawrence when we were working on "Zulu Magic" in Los Angeles).

"Tech Noir" is in fact very simple track, the idea was to keep the number of musical elements as low as possible, the project itself has exactly 38 tracks. "Less is more" they say.

The name reflects grim and mechanical nature of the tune itself, so with Deon from Alpha 5 Designs we pursued same stylistics for the cover. The original artwork send by Deon was totally awesome but too much for my vision for the title graphics so we stripped it down and used only 5% of original image (yep!) with few tweaks from my end.
This is it. I give you "Tech Noir"."

Releasedate is Monday 20th of March, but you can already pre-order "Tech Noir" here.


3747 x50 Mental Asylum Records 20 March 2017

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