Jordan Suckley interviewed

Written by Daniel on 1 December 2011 in Interviews
Jordan Suckley interviewed

Jordan Suckley is a name that has quickly made people's tongues wag on the dance scene over the last couple of years. His energetic presence behind the decks is renowned for creating great atmospheres! His hot mixing skills, using 3 decks, scratching, cutting and looping the tracks with LIVE 3 deck EFX remixes, set him apart from others!

Hello Jordan, where do we find you at the moment, and what have you been up to recently?

I am currently sat on a train trying to catch up on my emails! Recently I have been finalising my new vocal track with Leanne Thomas and Djing at some great events! Life is good! :)

Let's get the important questions out the way... Christmas is coming up, which means the Celebration chocolate tins are going around, but what's your favourite one?

It would have to be Caramel!

I am from Bristol in the UK, where you've played many times, and to me it feels like you have been around for ages. But your name has been spreading beyond the UK shores just recently and especially since you started producing your own tracks in 2009? How does that make you feel?

It feels great for me to be playing bigger events each year! I was at Swansea University a few years ago, and used to play for the Gatecrasher/ Godskitchen tours at The Syndicate in Bristol and that was where things started for me!

Thinking back to those early days of producing, which track made you think "Yes, I have really nailed this now!"?

Well I think the thing with production is, you can never learn enough, so I never really think to myself I have nailed it now. Although I think I have been most happy with my track 23! because of all the support it got from being on Sander van Doorn's Dusk till Doorn CD and on loads of popular radio shows such as Ferry Corsten, Gareth Emery, Paul Oakenfold, Marcus Schossow, Ashley Wallbridge & loads of others!

The tracks you have produced this year have gone down well, my personal favourite being the monster "23!", which has gained huge support. What was your personal favourite from 2011 and what can we expect in the near future?

My personal favourites from the last year have got to be either my remix of Gareth Emery - Global (Jordan Suckley Remix) or as mentioned before my track 23!, which was released on Reset during the Summer!

In 2011, I experimented with a lot of different sounds, some House and some cross over music, just trying some ideas basically.

For 2012, I have decided to focus fully on making up tempo Trance & Tech Trance! Uplifting, Big basslines and with a tech edge! This is what I love the most and already I have a good few tracks lined up for release early next year!

Looking in from the outside, it seems like a lot of the UK based DJ's are quite close. Is this the case?

Yeah definitely, I think it's because we always see each other on the road at gigs. Plus we all have similar interests so have lots in common to talk about! This also means after parties with them can get a little crazy some times! :)

Moving on to gigs now, you recently toured Australia with Simon Patterson this year for the first time. How did it go? Sounded great from the twitter feeds... Any funny stories?

It was an amazing experience! I did two weeks in Australia touring Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney & Melbourne with Simon and we got drunk every single day haha!

The Airline lost my suitcase on the way out there, but they gave me $100 to buy clothes & Simon made me buy these Sponge Bob underpants & Beer with the money! Nightmare!

Straight after OZ, I did a week in Bali and finished off with a week in Ibiza playing at Space & a Goodgreef Boat Party! That month away touring was my best experience as a DJ so far and a real dream come true!

I am sure Simon has plenty of stories about me from the tour haha!

Jordan Suckley

You have played "Lashed" in Holland this month for the first time. Having recently got back from ADE, I can confirm the Dutch know how to party. Where were you playing, and did you get any time off to explore?

It was great fun playing at In Avenue in Holland for the first time & the event was at full capacity as well, so the dancefloor was really packed & going off!

It was one of those gigs where my set went too quickly and didn't want it to end! Thankfully I will be back there again very soon! :)

And you have recently become resident at the fantastic "Arches" in Glasgow; you must be buzzing about that?

Yeah, really buzzing with that, I didn't expect the call from my manager when he said I had been made resident for them!

I know every DJ says some events are the best ones to play at all the time, but The Arches in Glasgow really is one of my favourite places to play out of everywhere I have played! They have a very unique crowd, who are very vocal & love the more banging side of Trance! I played there a few weeks ago for the first night of my residency, it was incredible!!

For anyone who hasn't been to InsideOut at The Arches before, it is 100% worth a visit!

Music aside, are there any people or things that have strongly influenced the way you live and view your life?

I am inspired & motivated by anyone who is successful in their life and also feel extremely privileged my passion & hobby is now my occupation!

I like to watch inspirational youtube videos, usually on a Monday after a weekend away! :)

This video from Steve Jobs, is one that has really stuck in my head recently, where he talks about passion & perseverance - worth a watch!

You have done a lot of traveling and are set to do more, what's been the most breathtaking place you have visited so far?

I have had so many amazing memories from the last year playing in Sweden, Malta, Poland, Australia, Bali, Ibiza etc! But I think one of my favourite experiences was playing up in the Mountains in Malta, outside, with heart shaped fire works going off in the background & the Sun setting during my set! It was emotional!

You are Scouse, so I have to ask if you support Everton or Liverpool?

Liverpool fan 100%!

As a clubber rather than a DJ what has been the best set/event you have ever attended?

I think it has to be my first trip to Ibiza when I was at University with my friends, we all went to Amnesia with Tiesto & Eddie Halliwell playing. It was around the time of Marcel Woods - Advanced, as I remember Tiesto playing it, the whole club going absolutely wild and I was thinking what is this track called!?

If you could play god, what would you change about the dance scene?

Stop people cheating in polls, free beer for everyone, extended weekends so we can all party longer!

So, other than Jordan Suckley, who else do you back to make a breakthrough next year?

Sneijder! Great producer and he will be doing some damage next year!

We love to hear about good experiences, but in your career so far have there been any bad experiences that stand out? How did you deal with them and what was learned?

I played a gig in Wales once, finished my set and went outside to get a Taxi back to the hotel. But as I was waiting with my friend, a group of lads wanted to steal my record bag, so I had to run away holding my bag, which wasn't very easy! Luckily we managed to escape!

Lesson learnt? Next time don't have Vodka in my record bag so I can run faster!

And lastly, if you could look into a crystal ball and see the next year ahead for you, what would you hope to see?

Playing in some new Countries like USA, Argentina & Mexico!

Jordan Suckley

Check out a live recording of Jordan's mix at Goodgreef Birthday 2011

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