Lange & Jennifer Karr - Songless (Signum and Astuni & Manuel Le Saux Remixes)

Written by Remco on 31 October 2018 in Releases
Lange & Jennifer Karr - Songless (Signum and Astuni & Manuel Le Saux Remixes)
After June’s re-mastered, remixed and re-released ‘Out Of The Sky’, today heralds another single-rumble from Lange’s remarkable first LP, ‘Better Late Than Never’.

In the same manner as ‘Out Of The Sky’, the timeless ‘Songless’ has now been revisited. Lange, himself has given it an eleven-years-later recalibration, while Signum and Astuni & Manuel Le Saux have furnished it with a brace of more club-pointed remixes.

Featuring the extraordinary vocals of Jennifer Karr (who went on to write & sing on tracks with Ferry Corsten, PvD, ATB and others), Lange’s re-mastering brings new definition & detail to ‘Songless’.

Signum meanwhile take all the fundamentals of the more downtempo original and port them into an exceptional full spectrum floor-grafter. Built for maximum traction, over 8+ minutes their driven, anytime-of-the-night retake steals breath vocally, while musically burning trainer rubber.

Not to be outdone, the remix calculus of Astuni & Manuel Le Saux version is geared exclusively for the primetime hours. Full of inciting snares, zero gravity synths and Jennifer’s affecting vocals, come the drop the Italian pair pull off a genuine how-did-they-do-that! production moment.

The Lange-remastered ‘Songless’ and Signum and Astuni & Manuel Le Saux remixes are out now and available to purchase or stream here.

1 Lange & Jennifer Karr - Songless (Signum Extended Remix)
2 Lange & Jennifer Karr - Songless (Astuni & Manuel Le Saux Extended Re-Lift)
3 Lange & Jennifer Karr - Songless


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