Lostly - Heading Back EP (The Remixes)

Written by Remco on 18 November 2016 in Releases
Lostly - Heading Back EP (The Remixes)
One of Mental Asylum's biggest release of 2016 gets a second lease of life thanks to two cracking new remixes.

Earlier in 2016 Lostly delivered a great EP featuring "Heading Back" and "Du Bist Okay" and both tracks are back with a vengeance thanks to remixes from Allen Watts and Allan Morrow.

Allen Watts has taken the powerful uplifting "Heading Back" and fattened it out into a meaty tech trancer while keeping the main uplifting lead. Similarly on "Du Bist Okay", Allan Morrow has kept the main lead but completely reinterprets the breakdown and flips the drop with amazing results.


1 Lostly - Heading Back (Allen Watts Remix)
2 Lostly - Du Bist Okey (Allan Morrow Remix)


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