Matt Darey - Blossom & Decay

Written by Remco on 13 August 2012 in Releases
Matt Darey - Blossom & Decay

After 15 years of musical exploits and success with releases, Matt Darey declares that he is ripe for new, musical adventures and collaborations. As the culmination of everything he has done before, he presents his debut album, Blossom & Decay.

Looking back should be quite fulfilling for Matt, he says it best: "It is truly while looking forward I can see my musical journey is really still beginning."

Matt Darey is widely known and acknowledged as one of the respected trailblazers in the worldwide EDM scene. Over the last decade and a half, Matt has steadily built and reinforced his solid reputation through his stellar productions, blazing live sets, his international radio show 'Nocturnal' and the weekly podcast broadcast in over 135 cities in 35 countries. Every week without fail sees up to 80,000 downloads of his Nocturnal radio shows including his high profile radio partner Sirius in the US and 6 other national broadcasts.

Blossom & Decay gathers all those years of musical involvement, passion for the groove and feel for melody. It tells you about Matt's love for deep progressive, breaths the rhythm of a melodic tide and washes over with alluring soundscapes, all driven by the beat. Featuring vocals by the likes of Kate Louise Smith, Leah, Ashley Tomberlin, Kirsty Thirsk, Sir Adrian and others, you'll be led by soulful lyrics and thought-provoking songwriting. Matt Darey's album is full of lush collaborations, pumping remixes and genre bending originals.


1 Matt Darey with Aeron Aether feat. Cath Porter - Blossom & Decay
2 Matt Darey feat. Leah - Hold Your Breath
3 Matt Darey with Aeron Aether feat. Ridgewalkers - Chasing The Sun
4 Matt Darey feat. Louise Smith - I Still Remember (Muse Artic Album Version)
5 Matt Darey with Stan Kolev feat. Aelyn - Follow You
6 Matt Darey feat. Erica Driscoll - Too Far
7 Matt Darey feat. Kate Louise Smith - Still Waters (Colorless Album Version)
8 Matt Darey feat. Ashley Tomberlin - Lost At Sea (Luiz B Album Version)
9 Matt Darey feat. Kate Louise Smith - Red Is Rising (Aeron Aether Album Version)
10 Matt Darey with Aeron Aether feat. Tiff Lacey - Into The Blue
11 Matt Darey feat. Louise Smith - See The Sun (Aurosonic Album Version)
12 Matt Darey feat. Kirsty Thirsk - Black Flowers (Josh Gabriel Album Version)
13 Matt Darey with Stan Kolev feat. Poli Hubavenska - Altitude
14 Matt Darey - Hold On
15 Matt Darey feat. Kate Louise Smith - Black Canyon (Taurus & Vaggeli Album Version)
16 Matt Darey feat. Sir Adrian - Reality Bites (Sebastian Krieg Album Version)
17 Matt Darey feat. Kate Louise Smith - Crown Of Thorns (Aurosonic Album Version)


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