Max Graham says goodbye to Rebrand Records and launches Cycles

Written by Remco on 31 May 2015 in News
Max Graham says goodbye to Rebrand Records and launches Cycles

It is after much thought that Max Graham decided to say goodbye to his record label, Rebrand Records, and Armada as its distributor.

"Conceived in 2004 with the idea of creating a family of like-minded artists, I can look back and say it was an amazing experience and we achieved exactly that. Huge thanks to the entire team at Armada for backing the label and helping it grow and the talented artists we featured, specifically my great friends Protoculture and Solid Stone who helped create the sound that Rebrand was so known for. 

With that, I introduce the next step: my new imprint, Cycles

Like its successful namesake Cycles Radio, Cycles the record label will encompass a much broader sound with a wide variety of true Progressive House and Techno with melodic influences--almost a return to the days when Trance had an underground groove and genres were not as defined as they are today. I'm very excited to showcase so much more amazing music from guys like Solid Stone (whose sound has evolved considerably since the earlier Rebrand days) and the incredibly talented Tim Penner, as well as many others already lined up for releases. 

Along with the label, we are planning "CyclesLive" events which will be designed to celebrate the talent the show has to offer. I'm very excited to move forward with this new phase and bring everything under the one banner of Cycles. 

The label's first release in spring 2015 will be my own new single, "Redemption," which carries amazing remixes by Alex Di Stefano, Tim Penner and Solid Stone who each premiered their version during Cycles 200 Live back in April in New York City. 

I cannot wait to share this new song with you, along with the many other amazing releases we have on deck, as we embark on the next chapter of the Cycles journey together." - Max Graham 

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