Out now: Tenishia – Memory of a Dream

Written by Remco on 6 August 2012 in Releases
Out now: Tenishia – Memory of a Dream

Dreaming big since 2004, Tenishia has been creating the blueprint to their ultimate achievements for more than 8 years. A blue-print that became bigger and bigger, blooming with time and rapidly unfolding into reality.

The Maltese duo, a team-up of Joven Grech and Cyprian Cassar, have made and still make the best of their untapped possibilities. And that’s why, in 2012, Tenishia proudly presents ‘Memory of a Dream’.

Collaborating since 2005 and revolutionizing the Maltese music scene ever since, is Tenishia. They’re the winners of 5 Malta Music Awards and creators of world famous tracks like ‘Outsiders’, ‘Reasons To Forgive’ and ‘Burning From The Inside’. Tenishia is the talented producer/DJ duo that won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of dance fans with their eclectic sound of prog, trance, lounge and down-tempo. Tenishia has taken the world by storm, through their tracks, remixes, compilations, very own production school and sold-out events. Number 91 in the critically acclaimed DJ Mag Top 100, nominees for ‘Best Chillout/Lounge Track’ at the 2011 International Dance Music Awards and one of today’s most promising duo’s in EDM. These guys have seen several of their dreams come true. And it’s finally time to share this one with all of you, through ‘Memory of a Dream’.

Tenishia:”Our productions reflect different moods, ups and downs and above all our personality.”
A personality and sound that is truly their own, yet riding an array of styles. Diversity being the soul of pleasure, you’ll be indulged by the 16 jewels on ‘Memory of a Dream’. Featuring the magnificent voices of Jan Johnston, Chris Jones, Kyler England and many others, the debut album of Tenishia will take you on a journey. A journey through their dreams. Dreams of the past and future, and those that are now merely memory.


1 Tenishia feat. Chris Jones - Memory Of A Dream
2 Tenishia feat. Jan Johnston - As It Should
3 Tenishia - Chords Of Life
4 Tenishia - Jaguar
5 Tenishia feat. Aneym - Crash & Burn
6 Tenishia feat. Elleah - Broken Wings
7 Tenishia feat. Kyler England - Attention
8 Tenishia - As We Speak
9 Tenishia - Where Do We Begin
10 Tenishia - Always Loved, Never Forgotten (The Day Will Come)
11 Tenishia feat. Ahmet Atasever - Across The Border
12 Tenishia feat. Ivan Grech - Ghost Of Love
13 Tenishia - Face Your Fears
14 Tenishia with Ruben de Ronde feat. Shannon Hurley - Love Survives
15 Tenishia - Shores Of Eden
16 Tenishia - Point Of No Return


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