This Saturday: party 'whole' day in the sun at Trancebeats in Amsterdam

Written by Remco on 22 April 2018 in Events
This Saturday: party 'whole' day in the sun at Trancebeats in Amsterdam
The temperature is perfect, the palm trees have been flown in from Miami and our DJs are eager to start. The wonderful day trance at the waterside can’t possibly fall into the water. Trancebeats is ready to go! Do not have tickets yet? Then, hurry! The presale tickets are available online until Friday night.

With a lovely terrace on the water, a jetty where you can dock your boat, an unique view of Amsterdam, free parking space AND flexible opening hours. Add this original line-up and all the ingredients for a successful day / evening / night are present.

Flexible opening times

This special location has a 24h permit and PT Events will use this to adapt the times of the party to the weather on that day. When the weather is nice, we start on the terrace in the afternoon and there will be, among the delicious cocktails and delicious music, a very tasty barbecue offered. This with your face in the sun and possibly your feet in the water seems to us more than a good one. But the Netherlands remains the Netherlands, so also rain, hail or the long-awaited ‘Elfstedentocht’ may suddenly apply. And then Undercurrent is still the ideal club location for Trancebeats. We only start in the evening and of course continue until the early hours.

Whatever the weather, always nice weather for a wonderful edition of Trancebeats...

BaliBiza StreetFood

This Saturday, the food will be served by BaliBiza Streetfood, which offers a fine assortment of food. From hamburgers to satay from the grill, a healthy sandwich or salad. You will probably find something that gives you the energy you need. Undercurrent has of course a lovely terrace, which is decorated in such way that there are shade spots under one of the parasols, but also seats in the sun.

The timetable

15:00-16:30 Daniel Wanrooy
16:30-17:30 Artento Divini
17:30-18:30 Jochen Miller
18:30-19:15 Jochen Miller b2b Artento Divini
19:15-20:15 Misja Helsloot
20:15-21:00 Misja Helsloot b2b Marc Simz
21:00-22:00 Marc Simz
22:00-24:00 Adam Seller pres. Virtuethics


We hope to see everyone already as soon as we start of course. If you only can come after work, it’s still worth it. Regular tickets cost € 23, = (ex fee) and can be bought here. Tickets at the door cost more of course...

Trancebeats – Undercurrent Amsterdam

Date: Saturday 9 June 2018
Time: 15.00-24:00++
Age: 18+
Venue: Undercurrent, Papaverweg 265, 1032 KE  Amsterdam
Tickets: Regular €23,= available at:

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