Paul Vinitsky - Re*Invincible Review

Written by Remco on 13 May 2013 in Reviews
Paul Vinitsky - Re*Invincible Review

Paul made a big surprise to his fans and club music lovers making this album based on the club versions of the tracks from debut album Invincible, released 1.5 years ago. Our own Zak Rush has reviewed this album track by track.

01. Paul Vinitsky feat. Kate Walsh - Me & You (Aknael & Bekeela Remix)

Paul Vinitsky starts the remix album off with Kate Walsh’s beautifully smooth vocals on Me & You. This remix by Aknael & Bekeela gives us the driving progressive elements - the piano melody accompanying the vocals so naturally and continuing to be a theme dotted throughout the track, while the drums, bassline and pluck sound are pumpy, keeping the track moving without a need to be excessive. Me & You is soft and close to you as a listener. I could imagine it playing well on a beach as the sun sets.

02. Paul Vinitsky feat. Meital De Razon - For This Love (Dejan S Remix)

Dejan S has taken the elements of the original and made a progressive house remix, using the same pluck sound you’ll have heard from the likes of EDX, Dinka and Chris Reece. The bassline progression is interesting under the melody and makes the track a joy to follow. The vocals from Meital De Razzon would fit a bigroom track better but still a fair performance for this track. In short, not a bad track but a Dub Mix would have satisfied me more. 

03. Paul Vinitsky feat. Lizzie Curious - Hypnotised (Jay P Remix)

If anyone has heard of Reflekt before, they’ll know that they’ll be hearing something special when Jay P produces. He’s a bit like James Cameron but in the EDM scene. His productions haven’t numbered many in the last few years but you still enjoy them when they do come. In contrast to Paul Vinitsky’s dark and gritty Original Mix, Jay P’s remix places Lizzie Curious’ vocals over a gentle journey of progressive beats. There isn’t a large breakdown like most Trance and Progressive tracks nowadays but I really didn’t want it to breakdown because it sounded so nice with its simple but effective drums, showing off Lizzie’s vocals that little bit more. With its summery pads and deep bassline, this track is a great addition to the album.

04. Paul Vinitsky - Smile (Original Mix)

In Smile, you get to heard Vinitsky playing with the backing melody like it is child’s play. Not afraid to be creative, he has created a beautiful array of sounds that work well together. The piano in the breakdown is jazzy (something you don’t usually hear in Trance/Progressive) and the pads guide you along with the track. The bassline and pluck sounds give you a good base for the track to be brought up from but with the way the melody plays around, I’d have to say, it’s not your average progressive track. And I mean that in a good way. Smile is definitely a track you’ll have to hear to understand what I mean.

05. Paul Vinitsky & Andrew StetS - Rock Tonight (Original Mix)

This track has everything you’d expect from a Vinitsky & StetS production: deep basslines, inspiring chords and a euphoric breakdown into a club track. The vocals over the top provide a welcoming change with male vocals taking the lead. As the title suggests, there are some guitar elements in the background throughout the track that give Rock Tonight its own flavour.

06. Paul Vinitsky - Jogja (Original Full Mix)

Jogja is the first anthemic track of the mix with a dirty bass sound, bigroom chords that follow the melody and techy beats. There’s not much more to say except: excellent!

07. Paul Vinitsky & Marta Lay – Heaven (Airsoul Remix)

Following Jogja is this techy, wide sound that would take over a club and get it waving side to side along with it. The dark melody, booming bass and Marta Lay’s airy vocals make this track epic.

08. Paul Vinitsky & Khashassi – Invincible (Andrew StetS Remix)

Following the last two tracks, Invincible seems to set the albums tone from the earlier Progressive House to Trance with more heavy beats and anthemic melodies. Remixed by Andrew StetS, Invincible gives up the classic anthem that would fill a club from the front to back of any arena with its rising notes and pumping basslines.

09. Paul Vinitsky & Fisher - One Heart (Original Mix)

Vinitsky shows off his club side with a dirty bassline and Fisher’s sensual vocals. Plucks driving the track evolve into grand pads that fill the speakers. It has everything you need for a club hit.

10. Paul Vinitsky feat. Loona - Say No (Vadim Spark Remix)

I’ve been following Vadim Spark’s productions closely since his massive track, Odyssey, came out in 2012 and in this remix, he takes it a new level. The production resembles the Coldharbour style of gritty basslines and concise melodies that the listener clings to with their white-knuckled hands. This is another great addition to the album.

11. Paul Vinitsky - Believe In Us (Jordi Roure Remix)

This track seems all over the place. The remix doesn’t add anything or remake anything from the original. The vocals sit better with the Original Mix and I was surprisingly disappointed with Roure’s remix. The breakbeat sections by themselves were nice sections to break the track up but seemed out of place with the rest of the track. 4/10

12. Paul Vinitsky pres. Alien feat. Ruma - Two Worlds (Adam Kancerski Remix)

Adam Kancerski gives us an uplifting remix of Two Worlds lifting the whole album up to another level. The melody is dark, the bassline is techy and the vocals sit just right with this style. As soon as the track drops though, the pads take over and deliver, what can only be described as, an ‘arena stomper’. Great stuff, Kancerski.

13. Paul Vinitsky & Diki - I’m Alone (Arisen Flame Remix)

Arisen Flame kicks this track into overdrive with thumping kicks, booming basslines, acids so rarely heard these days and to top it off, an arpeggiated lead that drives the track to its finish. Great classic sounds from Arisen Flame. 

14. Paul Vinitsky & Jane Maximova - Save Me (Original Mix)

Going back to the classic style of Trance, Paul Vinitsky provides us with an uplifting production. Jane Maximova sings much like Linnea Schossow, airy and pronounced on the syllables that make for a very surreal vocal performance. I could imagine there being a progressive remix of this track, but until then, the melody and pads are simple to follow but perfect for a club, maybe alongside Daniel Kandi tracks in a live set.

15. Paul Vinitsky & Elizabeth Fields - Can We Breathe (Original Mix)

Again, Vinitsky serves another vocal splendour with Elizabeth Fields helming the vocals. The chords make for an epic climax but before then, the breakdown gives Elizabeth a chance to shine with her vocal performance which fits the track perfectly. 

16. Paul Vinitsky & Diki - Tomorrow (Second Sine Remix)

Taking the album back down to its progressive roots again, Second Sine gives us a very minimal remix with Diki’s vocals acting as a backing melody rather than a lead vocal. As the breakdown shows off some strings and pads that seem to spread across a large arena, the drop kicks back in and the minimal-techno style takes over, throwing the listener into a frenzy. Another great addition to the album.

17. Paul Vinitsky & Lo-Fi Sugar - All I Know Now (Oleg Espo Remix)

Lo-Fi Sugar shouldn’t need an introduction for Trance lovers. Oleg Espo takes her voice and makes it seem all alone in the track (in a good way), as if it is clinging to the song; fragile and desperate. All I Know Now lacks a notable melody but excels in its progressive elements, driving the track forward with its techy bassline and deep rhythms.

All in all, this album caters to the Trance, Progressive, Techno, Electronic, even House lovers. The album itself is full of vocals and melodies worth remixing. I love some tracks and I reckon they’re not going to get lost in the middle of music collection. I dislike some tracks for particular reasons but then again, that’s just my taste. It is great to see his album remixed and I believe Paul Vinitsky’s recognition will only grow from here as he continues to regularly release great productions on his label, Vendace Records. This album is well worth the buy, in my opinion.


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