Pedro Del Mar presents new "Playa Del Lounge Volume 2"

Written by Marjan on 21 June 2011 in Releases
Pedro Del Mar presents new "Playa Del Lounge Volume 2"

Following up to last year's successful debut of "Playa Del Lounge", Pedro Del Mar returns this summer with volume 2 of his already prestigious chillout mixed compilation series.

By creating and launching this album concept with Black Hole Recordings back in 2010 nobody expected that Vol. 1 was going to become such a success all over the world. So it has just been a question of time to finish a Vol. 2 for the 2011 summer season.

The album features 16 brand new tracks that are completely exclusive to "Playa Del Lounge Vol. 2" and all have been especially produced for this new episode. To realize this project Pedro Del Mar has been scouting some of the greatest talents on the international market and on Vol. 2 he showcases outstanding producers and vocalist from across the globe. Not only does Pedro present 4 new tracks of his own, he is also involved into most of the other 12 tracks as production supervisor.

"The main goal for Vol. 2 was to create a summer soundtrack for 2011, an album to which people can listen whilst driving the car, enjoying a sun bath on the ocean or whilst having a barbecue," says Pedro.

"As I've lately been on my Mellomania World Tour 2011 I tried to collect as many impressions and emotions as possible from all those fantastic and beautiful places. This album includes relaxing tracks with nice piano and guitar lines, sometimes with ambient percussion, sometimes almost unplugged. But whilst last year's edition has been a mix of instrumental and vocal tracks, the new Vol. 2 is 100% vocal. Honestly it wasn't my intention to go into this total vocal direction but during the whole production process it just happened due to the fact that so many great vocal tracks came in. In fact we would have easily had enough material to cover a second disc and I'm personally very happy with the result of this mixcomp and hope that many people from all across the globe will have some nice times whilst listening to it."

The new album features some of the world's most popular vocalists like Tiff Lacey, but also many previously undiscovered talents as well as some of the hottest talents in the EDM scene who show a different part of themselves on "Playa Del Lounge Vol. 2".
"Playa Del Lounge Vol. 2" takes you on an emotional journey through different styles of ambient music and lets you relax wherever you are or whatever you do.

01. Pedro Del Mar - When The Sun Goes Down (Chillout Mix)
02. Hysteria! - Winding Roads (Chillout Mix)
03. Santerna featuring Vadim Kapustin - Feeling Like A River (Chillout Mix)
04. Pedro Del Mar featuring Fancy Vienna - Windows To My Soul (Alexei Zakharov Chillout Mix)
05. Marco Torrance featuring Tiff Lacey - Playing God (Unplugged Mix)
06. Annbee feat. Shantam - Pink (Chillout Mix)
07. Daytripper featuring Patricia Chaviano - Until The Sunrise (Chillout Mix)
08. Pedro Del Mar & Spark7 featuring Jane Kumada - Hold Me Now ( Zetandel Chillout Mix)
09. Adam Tas featuring Monika - Miles Away (Chillout Mix)
10. W.O.R.M. featuring Anna Herz - Before The Sunray Falls (Chillout Mix)
11. Pedro Del Mar & Drooid featuring Myriam - Hade (Drooid's Full Vocal Chillout Mix)
12. Anthya - Soul Within Soul (Chillout Mix)
13. Lisa Rose Harrison - Without You (Chantzis & Vanspauwen Chill Mix)
14. illitheas featuring Tiff Lacey - Little Heart (Chillout Mix)
15. Airborne Cities - All I Need (Chillout Mix)
16. Chimera State featuring Lety - Necessary (Chillout Mix)

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