Review: Diago - Parhelion [DS-R]

Written by Remco on 9 September 2019 in Reviews
Review: Diago - Parhelion [DS-R]
The end of August saw the release of “Parhelion” by Italian producer Diago on Digital Society Recordings AKA DS-R. What makes this one work? [We’ll get to that melody]

By Spectral on 31 August 2019

Now, I’ve been digging Diago’s work for the 2 years or so since I’ve first heard him. I’m not sure where his insistence on naming his work after astronomical objects stems from, but this one is just a +1 level up on his work in my opinion, and you don’t just have to take it from me. Armin van Buuren, Sean Tyas and other well established names have already taken notice and supported this fresh on their weekly shows, and more will undoubtedly follow. [I’m getting to that melody, srsly].

So what’s in this track that made it stand out to me? Well, I’m a sucker for tracks that sound like they harken back to Good Ol' Trance while taking full advantage of everything great about modern Trance [I know, I know, still getting there], and I think this works for that precise reason – It is business straight off the bat, with a driving rhythm and basic intro, driving us quite straightforwardly to the breakdown. And then, finally, we get to that melody. I’ve been stuck on that melody for the past few days, everything clicks. Diago found that great balance between the too-fast to follow arpeggio and that instantly sing-able hook so many in Trance strive to nail, and nail it he did.

This 138BPM piece of Trance obviously works as is, but does so as well at 135 and upwards of 140BPM, so it will be certain to be included in many arsenals and fill up different slots in various sets in the months to come - A fantastic piece of melodic Trance.

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'Parhelion' is out now on Digital Society Recordings.


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