Review: In Trance We Trust 022 mixed by Menno de Jong

Written by Remco on 17 August 2018 in Reviews
Review: In Trance We Trust 022 mixed by Menno de Jong
After a small hiatus from the yearly release in the ITWT series, it saw a massive comeback in 2014 with their anniversary release ITWT 020, and then it was followed up by 021 in 2016 mixed by Adam Ellis. Now, the main head of ITWT steps up to the stearing wheel, and delivers the mix and compilation for ITWT 022. Please welcome Menno de Jong!

Written by Sven Andreas Stentoft Christiansen.

Menno takes you as a music prisoner right from the first beats, and locks you in with some psy slamming sounds, delivered by GMO on ‘Forty Two’ (Metronome Remix) followed smoothly by a superb ‘Full Moon Party’ from Paul Oakenfold, here served in a great Liquid Soul & Zyce remix. Stearing us in to some uplifting and melodic trance areas, Menno then drops his massive single ‘Ananda’ for full effect, before we then heads into Skylex incredible rework of the classic ‘Beautiful Things’ from Andain, followed by Skylex again with his ‘Victra’. So far this mix just drives you a long with so many great melodies and chords, and a really magical energy!

Heading into midway section, Menno just keeps pulling out tune after tune, and adding energy and atmosphere to the mix, as he continues with ‘My Shadow’ from Alex Di Stefano, ‘The Titanic’ from Ciaran McAuley and Robbie van Doe’s ‘If I Survive’, delicious and crisp sounding trance beats all the way. That is beautifully followed up with Amir Hussain’s ‘Mana’, some ‘Ultraviolet’ colours and emotions from Leroy Moreno. Then we take on some vocal, as we get ‘See The Sun Again’ from Misja Helsloot and Cari, here served for your pleasure in a sublime Xijaro & Pitch remix, and after that we go up, up, up, cause Casey Rasch is ‘Flying High’ with some heavy uplifting and melodic/euphoric beats for your ears and mind.

Tearing it even more up in great style and way, Menno takes us towards the closing parts with the deep, dark and moody ‘Next Stop Muddy Waters’ from John O’Callaghan, followed closely by a great music ‘Paradox’ from Sector7, before German master Talla2XLC delivers the ‘Uprising’ notes for your mind and soul, and then it comes to an epic end, when Menno closes the mix with his massive ‘Set To Sail’ track, featuring the great vocals of Kate Louise Smith, here customized to the mix in a 2018 outro edit, but it sure is an gorgeous and incredible outro, making and taking the mix in to a great closing.

If you were in any doubt about if you still trust in trance, listen to this mix! Boy, Menno delivers such an epic and strongly crafted mix, leaving you with no doubt about, that In Trance We Trust!

Rating: 5/5.

Stream/download In Trance We Trust 022 here.

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1 GMO - Forty-Two (Metronome Remix)
2 Paul Oakenfold - Full Moon Party (Liquid Soul & Zyce Remix)
3 Menno de Jong - Ananda (Extended Mix)
4 Andain - Beautiful Things (Skylex Rework)
5 Skylex - Victra
6 Alex Di Stefano - My Shadow
7 Ciaran McAuley - The Titanic
8 Robbie van Doe - If I Survive
9 Amir Hussain - Mana
10 Leroy Moreno - Ultraviolet
11 Misja Helsloot with Cari - See The Sun Again (XiJaro & Pitch Remix)
12 Casey Rasch - Flying High
13 John O'Callaghan - Next Stop Muddy Waters
14 Sector7 - Paradox
15 Talla 2XLC - Uprising
16 Menno de Jong & Adam Ellis feat. Kate Louise Smith - Set To Sail (2018 Outro Edit)


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