Review: Menno de Jong - Ananda [ITWT]

Written by Remco on 14 April 2018 in Reviews
Review: Menno de Jong - Ananda [ITWT]
Once again, Menno de Jong is back, and back with a BIG impact, with his newly releases single ‘Ananda’ on In Trance We Trust.

Written by Sven Andreas Stentoft Christiansen.

'Ananda' is the third and last single in a series of single releases from Menno in association with his journey into yoga and meditation, and previous he has given us 'Abhyasa' and 'Ahimsa'.

'Ananda' strikes in with a deep and dark/moody rolling bassline, that provides you with a superb power and energy, while Menno on top of that puts/in between adds these clear/crisp and delicious effects, synths, chords and melodies. And it just works so well and absolutely great here! In the breakdown the tracks just builds up a strong and electrifying energy/mood, before it all comes to a 'higher state' of musical climax, letting it all off and ahead in a swirling effect. Absolutely bliss, and it is indeed a track that has a spiritual effect on your mind and body, just close your eyes and listen!

Rating: 5/5

Menno's own words on the tracks/releases:

"Three years ago as a result of my journey in yoga and meditation I started a series of tracks inspired by yoga literature and philosophy, each highlighting a theme that I found interesting or important.

The first track was called 'Abhyasa' which is a Sanskrit word that essentially means to practice with resolution. The second one was titled 'Ahimsa', which stands for compassion and non-harm. This is the third and final track in the series and is called 'Ananda', meaning bliss, the highest state of being."

Listen to 'Ananda' on Soundcloud here.
Grab a copy of Menno de Jong's 'Ananda' here.


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