Review: ReOrder & Ian Standerwick pres. SkyPatrol - Sailing Airwaves (In Memory Of Matt Trigle)

Written by Remco on 23 April 2014 in Reviews
Review: ReOrder & Ian Standerwick pres. SkyPatrol - Sailing Airwaves (In Memory Of Matt Trigle)

So here we are, a nice track coming from Future Sound Of Egypt that has a very nice meaning behind it. 

Music can convey many emotions and sometimes the words you cannot express can more easily be put into song. Sweeping sounds and beautiful main lines that really try and tell what the producer is truly feeling. This is music in its purest form.

So lets see how well SkyPatrol do in telling us how they feel about Matt Trigle’s early and unfortunate passing.

The track starts out with about a minute of very easy DJ friendly beats to get your track synced up into the mix. Nothing over done, just a good baseline to lock in to before we get the faders set as our main track.

1:00 brings in a little synth to start bringing in the track and setting the feel. It is very simple, but does a nice job of laying down the ground work.

1:27 and we get introduced to the main synth line and a very gentle build to our breakdown. This lasts for about a minute and gets you moving and sets the mood to close your eyes for the break that follows.

2:23 Here it is. A nice swell that brings us into a very simple but melodic piano riff that tells us very clearly that this is a tribute track. It is simple in the construction, but does such a beautiful job of really painting a picture of how these two feel for the loss of their friend. It is very easy to close your eyes and just get lost in the atmosphere the break creates for you. It is gentle, but lifting. Despondent, but some how serene as if it portrays the fact that Matt is no longer having to deal with the illness he was struggling with and is in a better place. There is some magic here that is for sure and a great job by Tibor and Ian for what they have done here.

4:00 We move back into that FSOE feeling. A great driving track that still has so much meaning to it. Sweeping pads with the simple main line that allows you to throw your hands up and be lost in the music.

4:55 We have a quick little break, a bit of piano just to tick off the check box to remember the emotion in the track and we move in to the very DJ friendly outro.

All in all this is a fantastic track. As tributes are concerned, I think we all can feel Matt smiling down on us as we honor him in the only way he would want. 

While the track is not as heavy in the “heartstrings” department as say “RAMelia” (which still jerks tears on me to this day), “Sailing Airwaves” is a beautiful track that really pushes some heartfelt emotions and delivers that “floating through the clouds” euphoric feel we all know and love.

In the end, it is a fantastic addition to the tracks that FSOE puts out and fits the label like a glove.


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