The story behind 'First Second' with Misja Helsloot

Written by Remco on 17 November 2019 in Interviews
The story behind 'First Second' with Misja Helsloot
In the year 2002 Dutch DJ/producer Misja Helsloot released the very first track under his own name; which was 'First Second'. This trance track got picked up by Paul van Dyk and various other DJs. It was the beginning of a string of releases by Misja, plus it was the very first track on his label, which got the same name as the track.

Misja's second artist album 'WhatTheHelsloot' is out now, so a good reason for Muzikxpress to visit him in his studio in Delft, to talk with him about 'First Second', the brand new album and more!

Stream/download 'WHatTheHelsloot' here.

Watch the interview here:

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