The story behind 'Flaming June' with BT

Written by Remco on 5 December 2019 in Interviews
The story behind 'Flaming June' with BT
Twan from Muzikxpress sat down with legendary Grammy Nominated composer / producer BT. He spoke to him about his track 'Flaming June', a beautiful production he did back in the year 1997, which is now considered as one of the most well known trance classics ever.

He talked with BT about the inspiration of the track, the production, which equipment was used, his favorite memory of 'Flaming June' and more.

Plus they spoke about his brand new artist album 'Between Here And You', which is out now via Black Hole Recordings. You will hear more about this beautiful ambient album, his upcoming releases and projects, BT's future plans and more!

Order 'Between Here And You' here.

Watch the interview here:

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