The story behind "P.U.M.A." with Sunny Lax

Written by Remco on 27 February 2020 in Interviews
The story behind "P.U.M.A." with Sunny Lax
The very first ever release of Levente Márton a.k.a. Sunny Lax, was in the year 2005; a beautiful trance track which he called “P.U.M.A.”. He did send the track to Anjunabeats and label owners Above & Beyond absolutely loved the track.

They did play it in their radio show “Trance Around The World” several weeks in a row. And obviously, they signed it to Anjunabeats as well!

Because of the upcoming 15th anniversary of “PUMA”, Twan from Muzikxpress sat down with Levente, to talk with him about the story behind “P.U.M.A.”, his future plans and more!

Watch the interview here:

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