'The Track That...' with Gai Barone

Written by Remco on 23 March 2018 in Interviews
'The Track That...' with Gai Barone
The 25th episode of our exclusive 'The Track That'-series is with the heir apparent of Progressive Trance: Gai Barone.

The track that I wish I’d produced is…  Depeche Mode - Behind The Wheel.
I've been always addicted to the DM sounds, I got all the albums and most of their vinyls; My favourite ever is Violator! If I have to choose only one track I’d go with ‘Behind the Wheel’. NB I sampled their intro drum for my remix of Universal Nation. Who knew!!?

The track that could make a grown man cry is… Pat Metheny  - A Map Of The World.
I discovered this album quite late in my life, when I was 30 years and suddenly fell in love with it. ‘Map of the World’ is a long, long sonata, taken from an awesome soundtrack, composed by the master himself! During my first year at the Music Therapy Academy, this track was always with me!

The track that never fails to put a smile on my face is… Underworld - Born Slippy.
No matter where I am or what I’m doing or who’s playing it , it happens every time, a big smile on my face. I‘ve never connected this track to Trainspotting.  Actually I’ve never seen the movie and I won’t. I just want this track only for my memories and my inner smile! It’s a legend.

The track that puts a big a lump in my throat is… Pet Shop Boys - It Couldn’t Happen Here. Or maybe ‘King’s Cross’ too. I was 12 years old when I firstly heard it and I was in love with an American girl who moved to my city. I didn’t even know what this track was about and she used to translate it for me. After a few months she moved back to America and I never saw her again. But I still have my Old and Dusty Tape :)

The track that I’m playing every gig at the moment is… my new tune ‘Monoroid
Monoroid has a long story, I thought to build this track on a remix for an awesome artist, but it didn’t work. That’s why I thought I’d keep it for me, as an original and, well, it’s amazing. Let me celebrate it!! I love Monoroid, it’s progression and the fact that the BELOVED Zerothree released it.

The track that isn’t electronic dance music, but rocks just the same is… Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill. What to say about this!? I played it sometimes as a “closing track” and the faces of the clubbers always shine for it. I‘d love to remix it, or maybe create a new structure to it. But it’s too good to be changed.

The track that should’ve been in a movie is… Gai Barone - 2 Sides Of Nowhere.
It’s the intro track of my first album. I can’t remember the moment when I DID it, but I remember that I opened one of my first warm-ups for a Pure trance night in New York with it and it was unbelievable!

The track that is so perfect in its Original form it should never be touched by man nor remixer is… Push -  Strange World. I know I remixed it, but it was very challenging. It’s perfect - an iconic track, which, honestly, nobody should touch. Like every precious thing it’s not affected by time.

The track that everyone else hates, but I love is… I got 2 tracks actually: Hurt - Stay and Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. I don’t what they did to many people out there, but I love them both, even though they are not cool for many posh people. But I don’t care and I‘ve always listened to so many bands who are not cool at all.

The track that made some a hero to me was… Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Silence.
Tons of memories and I think I fell in love with Tiësto because of that amazing remix!

The track that surprised me the most when I heard it was…Daft Punk - Homework.
I still listen to this triple album, and I can’t even imagine how they did it almost 20 years ago. It sounds amazing! Sometimes I try to play one of those tracks in my gigs, as background tracks or loops and they are still as solid as the first day I heard them.

The track that changed my life is… Mystic Force - Psychic Harmony.
One of my favourite ever and probably it gave me the opportunity to focus on arpeggiators, delays, step modulators which are  some of the most important elements in my music and my tracks! I thank you so much Mr Mystic Force!

The track that got me into trance was… Moonman  - Galaxia.
I bought 3 vinyls of this one. I’m sure Ferry would be happy for it! I was very scared to damage the vinyls because I used to play it more than 30/40 times a day. I know everything about it. Definitely something I’d love to remix. Mmmm, now why not?

The track that I’ve just put out there is… Tanita!
I love ‘Twist In My Sobriety’ so much and I decided to open the ‘In Progress 006’ compilation I mixed for Bonzai with this one!

It has many elements from Miss Tikaram’s original version but with a lot new parts and crescendos added. It’s deep and warm and the way it evolves is stunning! Something that I’m playing a lot during my warming up, but I guess it would be perfect for some peak time as well; it’s a gem!


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