'The Track That...' with Jam El Mar (Jam & Spoon)

Written by Remco on 25 August 2018 in Interviews
'The Track That...' with Jam El Mar (Jam & Spoon)
The 26th episode of our exclusive 'The Track That'-series is with an absolute legend. It's with Rolf Ellmer, better known as Jam El Mar, one half of the former dance duo Jam & Spoon.

The track that I wish I’d produced is... „Start Of Madness“ by Enrico Sangiuliano.
ctually there are many… When I heard it on Drumcode Radio Live for the first time, I was really nervous to get this track and also that there must be someone coming along with full.on potential. The rest is already history.

The track that could make a grown man cry is... „Follow Me“ by Jam & Spoon ;)
Last year I played on a rave and I dropped „Follow Me“ as the last track. When the break was on, I took the microphoe and belted somthing like:  „This is for the spirit of Mark Spoon“ and I closed my eyes. We I reopened them all people in in front had tears in their eyes - including me!

The track that never fails to put a smile on my face is… „The Age Of Love* (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Mix).
This track is stoneold but all the time, when I think I played it too often, I see the reactions of the people and I think: "Wow, this is amazing!"

The track that puts a big a lump in my throat is… “The Moment All Went Dark" by Chris Liebing & Ralf Hildenbeutel feat. Polly Scattergood.
When saying „lump“, I mean this in an absolute positive and moving way. This track has such an excitement - it's a true masterpiece!

The track that I’m playing every gig at the moment is... „The Dreamer“ by Spektre.
The recent time I realized that I always include loads of Spectre tracks in my sets, especially „Another Life“ Carnival Of Souls and „The Dreamer"

The track that isn’t electronic dance music, but rocks just the same is… „Whole Lotta Love“ by Led Zeppelin
Yes, this track is full on groove! I am a guitarist and that is riff is one of the most iconic ones...

The track that should’ve been in a movie is… “Hymn Of The Replicant“ by Markus Schulz & Jam El Mar.
This track came out of Markus' love or film music - definitely could be the opening of a great SciFi movie...

The track that is so perfect in its Original form it should never be touched by man nor remixer is… “Energy Flash“ by Joey Beltram.
I am not sure if this track was ever remixed. I think it´s absolutely impossible to remix this very tune!

The track that everyone else hates, but I love is… 
I guess, there is no track like this :D  

The track that made someone a hero to me is… 
Here are many tracks like that - one of them is: „Second Sense“ by Jon Hopkins. I could name many more but for now, I pick that one - never get tired to listen to this masterpiece. (I guess it's Imogen Heap's voice on the track - not sure…)

The track that makes me think of summer is… ChicaneSaltwater, very obviously…
Actually you can take any track of Chicane and you have the Balearic summer feeling. No other tunes will get closer. Chicane is king for this sound!

The track that surprised me the most when I heard it is…
Again, there are many   - but one of them definitely is „Ten Seconds Before Sunrise“ by Tiësto (for the genre of Trance). Drop this track and everyone is in Trance-heaven.

The track that changed my life is… Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix!
This track set me on fire for music for the rest of my life - that track pulled the plug and I wanted to be a musician eversince, no doubt.

The track that got me into trance is… Superstring - Cygnus X.
I was really jealous when the girl I admired back in the days played this track to me and said: "Why dont you make tracks like these?“ grrrrrr…  :D

The track that I’ve just put out there is… „Lost In The Moment“ by Paul Oakenfold and myself.
This is a melange of Oldschool trance in a new, contemporary sound - lots of ecstatic energy and atmosphere. I am very happy with the result of our very first cooperation.


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