'The Track That...' with Simon Templar

Written by Remco on 13 June 2017 in Interviews
'The Track That...' with Simon Templar
He just released his debut album on Pure Trance Recordings. An excellent moment to do the 21st episode of our 'The Track That...' series. Here are Simon Templar's favorite tracks!

The track that I wish I’d produced is... Chicane - Saltwater. What a timeless classic track that is!! It contain it all what comes to perfect track. I never heard a single complaint about this beauty. It always makes you feel good and brings out the best of you.

The track that could make a grown man cry is... Moby - Hymn (European Mix). There are not many tracks, which can actually make you feel so much sorrow and sadness as this beauty. There are many sad tracks out there of course and good ones too, but none come close to this classic.

The track that never fails to put a smile on my face is... Spinal Tap - Big Bottoms :D I mean when there is nothing but bass guitars and a drummer on a stage and playing this ridiculous comp and the lyrics, which are pure gold too. You just can't do anything else than smile and laugh through this track :)

The track that I’m playing every gig at the moment is... Simon Templar - The Fog. It has good drive, melody and melancholic elements included. It's also in my new album "Balance" which you can find a web stores and Cd-format at Solarstone's Solarshop.

The track that isn’t electronic dance music, but rocks all the same is... Pink Floyd - The Wall, in all its forms (movie’s & music. Also (old) Metallica is awesome and I like a lot of these low budget horror movie scores like Hellraiser and all movie soundtracks in general.

The track that shoulda been in a movie is... Solarstone - Love Theme From Bladerunner (Pure Mix). They are filming a new Bladerunner now so it would be cool to add this remix to it!

The track that is so perfect in its original form it should never be touched by man nor remixer is... Pink Floyd - Goodbye Blue Sky or The Prodigy - No Good. These are definitely tracks that should left alone. Not every track is meant to be remixed anyway.

The track that changed my life is... RMB - Spring was a track, when I first heard it, the time literally stopped and I was amazed Big Time. RMB production is amazing trough out.

The track that I’ve just put out there is... my debut album 'Balance' released on Solarstone's Pure Trance Recordings 5th of June 2017!! Go check it out and if you like it, buy it and support your favorite artists!


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