The full story of Ferry Corsten's new album 'Blueprint' is unlocked!

Written by Remco on 14 May 2017 in Releases
The full story of Ferry Corsten's new album 'Blueprint' is unlocked!
May 2017 marks the arrival of a new album from Ferry Corsten. A true labour of love, given his passion for discovery science and space and time, his latest studio project ‘Blueprint’ has set him on course for his own discovery as a producer, artist and storyteller. And he wants you to join him on this journey…

A message…A Blueprint…to build a life form…”

In a voyage to design something that would illuminate beyond just the dancefloor, Ferry has pieced together a truly remarkable piece of work in this enthralling concept album that puts focus on a narrative of the existence of mankind and our desire to reach beyond on our own world, for love, for curiosity, for the exploration of our existence?

“Creation, love, the search that brings with it either mankind’s destruction or its salvation…?”

Written into the musical code of the album we learn that from the deepest edges of space, ‘The Drum’ can be heard, endlessly repeating, without any understanding as to its reason or purpose. None of the greatest minds on earth or the governmental superpower can decipher its existence. Except one. As the listener journeys from the opening track to the last the album chronicles the voyage of Lukas and Vee as a new world is opened up to not just the mind but the heart. But why did they send Vee? Is she the first contact or something more nefarious? As Lukas uncovers the truth, he learns of a far greater truth, one that has grand implications for all mankind.

“….An android…”

Fans can join Ferry Corsten and the boundless creativity of ‘Blueprint’ by unlocking the world beyond during the pre-order sale. Through sharing activation on the official ‘Blueprint’ website, fans will access chapters from this intergalactic voyage and discover the musical message contained within.

From the opening title track - ‘Blueprint’ - this sci-fi inspired release synthesizes an interstellar journey wrapped in wonder, love and the unknown. Through the stories of the album’s protagonists Lukas and Vee, listeners are propelled into a cinematic voyage that is story-driven by narration, whilst encapsulated in a musical craftsmanship that will have its audience in awe. From the enchantingly uplifting tones of Gouryella’s ‘Venera (Vee’s Theme)’ to the stargazing splendour of ‘Edge Of The Skye’, featuring HALIENE, Ferry has pieced together an album that tonally ignites all the right sentiment. Gravitated by the space odyssey of ‘A World Beyond’ the album is thrust into a weaving metronomic launch with ‘Trust’, as Blueprint manages to combine masterful musical strokes of pure brilliance with several moments of gargantuan seismic textures. The full tracklisting offers tense, emotive pieces, aligned with industriously rich and strikingly, grand electronic space jams; ‘Blueprint’ offers the listener an unknown world to explore whilst undeniably showcasing a vision never before heard from Ferry Corsten’s previous studio output.

This fifth album instalment from Ferry Corsten is his boldest and most ambitious to date. A conceptual long player that stretches far beyond its musical foundations and into the galaxy with a futuristic narrative. ‘Blueprint’ cites references from esteemed authors of the Sci-fi genre such as Hugo Gernsback and HG Wells, and delves deep into a storyboard crafted by the minds of David H Miller (of House Of Cards and Rosewood fame) and Ferry himself, giving the listener a cosmic adventure of truly interstellar proportion – voiced by Campbell Scott known for Hollywood box office hits such as The Amazing Spider-Man.

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CD 1
1 Ferry Corsten - Reception
2 Ferry Corsten - Blueprint
3 Ferry Corsten feat. Eric Lumiere - Your Face
4 Gouryella - Venera [Vee's Theme]
5 Ferry Corsten feat. Eric Lumiere - Something To Believe In
6 Ferry Corsten feat. Niels Geusebroek - Waiting
7 Ferry Corsten feat. Haliene - Here We Are
8 Ferry Corsten feat. Haliene - Edge Of The Sky
9 Ferry Corsten - A World Beyond
CD 2
1 Ferry Corsten - Trust
2 Ferry Corsten - Lonely Inside
3 Ferry Corsten feat. Haliene - Piece Of You
4 Ferry Corsten feat. Haliene - Wherever You Are
5 Ferry Corsten - Drum’s A Weapon
6 Ferry Corsten feat. Clairity - Reanimate
7 Ferry Corsten feat. Eric Lumiere & Haliene - Another Sunrise
8 Ferry Corsten - Eternity



It begins… with a sound, echoing from the depths of space.  Endlessly repeating. We couldn’t help but listen…

Scientists, academics, politicians and pundits. Practically everyone on earth with an idea and the internet. None of them can explain the sound. Is it the pulse of a dying star? A rogue satellite? Or, perhaps, an interstellar S.O.S.?

Every country in every corner of the world has a different name for the sound, but most of them translate to, simply, “the drum.”


The world’s brightest minds set out to decipher “the drum.” Historians look to the past, searching archives and ancient tomes, while futurists hope technology holds the key. Governments spend billions of dollars. Companies spend trillions. All in an effort to understand what this sound could be, and what it’s trying to communicate. But they fail at every turn…


And then, in a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere, a young man listens. His name is Lukas. The drum, that beat, it speaks to him, and reveals to him its secret. Hidden in the sound is a blueprint. From elsewhere. Across the universe, perhaps. Lukas wanting more from the life he was born into, a life without a future; he decides to follow these intergalactic instructions……But instructions for what?

Lukas doesn’t know what he’s building, just that he must build it. So he gets to work, using spare parts from around the house, synthetic materials he orders online, anything he can get his hands on, to cobble together… Something. Stacking pieces atop each other, shapes evolve. A form becomes refined. Lukas has often felt like Dr. Frankenstein, a mad doctor, creating his own electronic gadgets, designing his own apps… an inventor with an artist’s touch. Lukas always had a gift, but his parents and his classmates never saw it that way. They just thought of him as an outsider, a socially awkward pretty boy, kind and likeable, but someone who never really fit into their world.

So it’s not odd to his few friends or his parents when Lukas hides himself in the basement to complete his interstellar puzzle. This object that he’s building, becomes something altogether different than Lukas ever imagined. His creation has legs… a torso… a face!


As the last piece slips into place, the machine comes to life, an android. It blinks and stares. Unspeaking. Lukas musters up the courage to say…






Are you… alive?


Are you… alive?

Lukas has created a hi-tech parrot, aping his every word. This isn’t a discovery, this is a waste of time. He lets out his frustration, cursing himself…


Stupid, Lukas. You’ve wasted your time

building the world’s most beautiful echo.

As he closes the door, ready to give up on his creation, she speaks…


Not stupid, Lukas… I am Vee.


The android can speak! Lukas gazes into the her gray eyes, and sees a world of possibility, but also fear, of what might happen if the rest of the world were to discover her. They may try to steal her away, or worse, destroy her. So Lukas hides Vee in the basement during the day, but at night, he returns, to teach her about our world.


Human… Android… Friend… Home…

As the days pass, Lukas sees that Vee has a vocabulary, her own thoughts and feelings. She has a personality.


What do you feel, Lukas?


When I’m sitting here in the basement?




(confused, intrigued)



Cold? Not, happy?


You mean “feel” like… Yeah, “happy.”


I make you happy? Or does basement make you happy? Does being home make you happy?


Lukas isn’t sure how to respond. These days spent with Vee. They’ve been… like a dream.

Vee takes his hand and places it on her cheek…


What do you feel now?


Soft… You feel soft.


And happy?

Lukas feels something he has never felt before. His creation. Not a woman. Not a machine. But still alive, has given him something to believe in.


Days becomes weeks. The problems of the real world seem to fade away for Lukas: Friends, family, school, eating, showering, sleeping… Vee is all that matters now.


Lukas. Where do you go when you leave here?


To my room.


Can I see your room?


(takes a deep breath)



When in “soon,” Lukas? What are we waiting for?


The next day, Lukas is jarred awake by vibrations. Through the floor. A rhythmic pulse…

[Thump. Thump. Thump…]

He rushes to the basement and finds… Vee, dancing to that same alien drumbeat, echoing from somewhere within her…

[Thump. Thump. Thump…]


I miss home.


Home? This is your home, Vee.


No, Lukas.


Where is your home, then?


Far away. Far away is home.


But I built you… Here. This is your home.


Lukas, you built me. But you did not make me.

And in that moment, Lukas learns that the drum did not simply send him plans to build an android, but plans to build a consciousness. Vee has memories of her own… of a world across the universe, and the life she lived there.


Would you like to see my world, Lukas?


How? We’re stuck here.


Your body may be. But your mind is free.

Vee raises her hands, and a pulsing sound permeates Lukas’s brain. His mind becomes a million beams of light. He has become the drum…



Vee. Show me your world.

With Vee as his guide, Lukas’ mind is transported far away. Across the galaxy, and beyond… To a world similar to our own, but without war and famine, fear and disease. It is a world where love has triumphed, and music is the common language.

This alien race, light-years away, has unlocked the key, not just to inter-dimensional travel, but a thousand other technologies mankind has only dreamt in science fiction… and a thousand more we have yet to dream.

It is a world at the edge of the sky…



Welcome home.

Was it a vision, or something more? Lukas saw the floating cities of Vee’s world. Spaceships cruising the stars through distant wormholes. Entire planets created out of dust and metal. His wildest fantasies come to life. But was it real?


How did you do that?




You have to teach me.


I can’t.


Do you know how much that would change things?

If we could all cross the stars with our minds?

We would be free…


But you were already free.

I only opened the door.


Please, I need to know…

Vee possesses the power to harness the sun’s energy, to travel past our physical bounds, the ability to change the course of human history… But Vee only wants to know of Lukas’s world…


What does snow feel like when it falls on your face?


Vee. Listen to me. You could save us all.


I want to feel it, Lukas. Outside.

Will you show me the world beyond?


Weeks spent together. Her entire lifetime, underground. And Lukas never asked the question…


Vee. Who are you?

Is she an ambassador sent to establish contact? A probe gathering intel for her true masters? A lost soul, broken into bits of code, only to be reborn across the universe?


I am your friend. And I want to leave.


I can’t… You can’t.




It’s… not safe. Trust me.


(calm, confident)

Lukas. You need to trust me.


The dead of night. A door opens. Lukas and Vee step onto the frozen ground. Icy wind blows against her synthetic skin. Lukas shields her from the chill. She holds him close.


This is my world.


Thank you.

They breathe in the silence. And Lukas’s fear melts away, replaced by a beating in his chest. He stares at Vee, bathed in the moonlight, and he feels something… different, something more… a chemical reaction, within himself, within her. Their lips touch. A kiss.

Vee returns to the basement. But this glimpse of the outside only makes her want to see more, to explore the world and everything it offers. That door can never be closed again.


Lukas. I can’t stay here.


You must… They will destroy you, Vee. You’ll see them,

but they’ll see… a machine, something they must pick apart and study.


You don’t know this.


I do know… Because it’s what I would have done…

Lukas stares at the small window in the corner of the basement. Vee’s porthole to Earth. Barely big enough to see the shadows of leaves piled on the ground outside. Unable to look her in the eye, not letting her see his guilt.


(near tears)

Why am I not enough?


Because there is a world out there… It’s lonely inside, Lukas.


Lukas retreats to his bedroom, locking the basement door behind him.

But when he returns the next morning, he finds the basement empty. Vee has vanished. He frantically searches the house. His mother denies seeing anything; she would have noticed a stranger wandering in their home… But their television is on the fritz and all the lights have gone out. Lukas knows, this was Vee.

He sprints into town, following a trail of electronic wreckage, tracing Vee’s path through town. Broken traffic signals. Fried street lamps. Cars stopped in the streets, unable to move…

And at the end of the trail, Lukas discovers a pile of spare parts. Pieces of Vee. Disassembled. Ashes to ashes, circuit to circuit. Vee is no more…


Thump. Thump. Thump… (the drum’s sound returns)

Days later, heartbroken and alone, Lukas listens to the drum’s broadcast, still repeating.

Vee is gone. Maybe forever. But Lukas hopes and prays for another message. Something to tell him where he can find her. Because he believes, with all his heart, that her consciousness is out there, somewhere. He turns up the volume… She must be out there…


And then in a moment, the message changes.

[Ping! Ping! Buzz!]

The drum’s new song crackles through his speakers. Lukas can hardly contain himself. He hurries to crack the code, working through the night… and with the first rays of morning light, he finally deciphers the sounds. But this message is unlike the first. It’s not plans, or blueprints, but coordinates…

Lukas arrives at the location provided by the drum, a barren landscape in the middle of the wilderness.

And there, driven into the earth, is an enormous metal cylinder pulsing with energy and music… This is the drum. The sound was not coming from a distant star, but here, on earth. And Lukas isn’t the only one to discover the secret…

Camped out around the drum are hundreds of people just like him. Men. Women. Humans of all shapes and sizes. A mass of lonely dreamers, searching for an answer… for the drum, the message, everything. Lukas is not alone anymore. They welcome their newest arrival…

But before Lukas can even get settled… Spotlights on the horizon. Helicopters slice through the air. Humvees bound across the plain, encircling the crowd. Loudspeakers blast the government’s message, telling the crowd to disperse. They have decoded the alien messages and believe them to be declarations of war. This location is their point of attack. The drum is a weapon. They must destroy it.

A moment of crisis. Lukas is caught in the middle. Should he trust these voices of authority, the leaders of his world? Can he trust this otherworldly message? Who was Vee? Why did she leave, and will she ever return?

But Lukas and the crowd hold firm. They are not going anywhere. The drum is an instrument of peace; it brought them all here… together.

A standoff ensues. The Dreamers. The Searchers. The Believers. The Hopeful. Versus Authority. Law and Order. The Government Machine. Tanks and soldiers surrounded the crowd, like villagers hunting Frankenstein’s monster. Pistols instead of pitchforks. Napalm instead of torches. They threaten the crowd. They intimidate. The soldiers will open fire if they do not disperse. It’s for their own good… But Lukas and the others will not leave. They will not let these automatons, these government drones, destroy that which they don’t understand.

(music continues)


Thump. Thump. THUMP

A sound emanates from the drum, louder than before. The ground vibrates. The air hums. Another message. And Lukas knows what it’s saying. He claps his hands with the beat, and others follow. Humming along. Stomping. Singing. Joining the chorus. The sound becomes a force, sending wave after wave crashing into the soldiers, beating them back.

Cracks appear in the drum. A light shines through. The cylinder twists, unravels, revealing a wormhole… the glow of a thousand suns glittering through prisms of color indescribable by any human tongue. And through the wormhole steps a solitary figure… Vee. But not an android. She is flesh-and-blood, reanimated. The real Vee…


Vee stands there, in her true form. Returned. Lukas knew she was still out there…


I found you.


No, Lukas. We found you.

Out of the wormhole step… people. They look and sound and feel and hope and dream and play and love… just like us. But they come from a world across the stars. And they join the crowd in their song…


The loudspeakers abruptly cut out. Warning lights fade into darkness. The Humvees. The tanks. All the weapons of war sputter and die. Just like the traffic lights in Lukas’ small town, shut down by the music itself; this song is a synthetic message of peace.  The soldiers, defeated, lay down their arms. Through music, victory.


As cheers ring out from the crowd, Lukas and Vee embrace, a kiss that lasts a lifetime. Lukas feels it, a change. A charge. A spark between him and Vee. The [thump, thump, thump] of his heartbeat becomes the [Thump, Thump, Thump] of the drum.


I have known you for an eternity, Lukas.

Lukas remembers. Their world. Their life. A billion streams of consciousness, sent across the galaxy. To earth, and a hundred other worlds. Our entire history seems to be written across the stars. He sees it, laid out before him, within him, the mechanization embedded in humanity. But who are the creators and who are the created? Lukas can only wonder… Have we met our makers?


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