VANDIT Winter Night 2017

Written by Remco on 3 November 2017 in Events
VANDIT Winter Night 2017
Always too soon for some, never early enough for others - anyway you cut it though, it’s already in the air! The evenings are darker (or more atmospheric?), nights, colder (fresher?!) and the clothes bulkier (snugger!). Yup, w-w-w-win-winter’s a-coming!

Grinch or grateful, rile or beguile, when it comes to the festive season, there’s one thing which we can all look forward to. On Saturday December 16th, with this year’s VANDIT Winter Night, Paul van Dyk will once again be at hand to pop the star atop your tree. Fresh from the release of ‘From Then On’ - his new artist album, PvD returns to the Kesselhaus in Berlin’s Kulturbrauerei complex for his annual, seasonal celebration.

It’s the gateway to the holidays dontcha know!

In the week before Christmas, all through this ‘Haus, everything will be stirring! For this year’s DJ support, Paul made a list (checked it twice!) and lined up some key VANDIT Knights for this very special Winter Night.

Berlin’s own Chris Bekker will naturally be on station to do that musical voodoo that he do! Having served last year’s ‘Berlinition’ album, he’s wowed just as hard in 2017 with releases like ‘Episodes’ and ‘Miles Away’. The Kesselhaus crowd can look forward to another of his outstanding genre-hopping sets.

Also, doing the Kessel run, and all the way from the UK, will be DJ/producer/wunderkind, Jardin. No stranger to VANDIT’s release roster, he’s sleighed one & all with the likes of ‘Suicide Circus’, ‘U Bahn’ and ‘Rise Up’ this year. Come the 17th, he’ll be putting all that clubfloor-knowledge to work, rocking das Kulturbrauerei.

So regardless of whether you’re one of the ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year-ers!’ or a ‘oh deer, not Xmess again?!’ types, a December dash to Kesselhaus is requisite!

Tickets are on sale now and are available here!


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