Win: In Trance We Trust 020

Written by Remco on 29 May 2014 in Competitions
Win: In Trance We Trust 020

With of one of the richest label histories in electronic music – stretching back over an astonishing 600+ single releases, its credo is enshrined in its name. Commemorating the 20th mix-comp is a job too formidable for any one DJ… So they’ve hired 3! And you can win a copy!

All you need to do is fill out the form at the end of this article and send it to us via Email.


The winner will win a copy of In Trance We Trust 020 mixed by Menno de Jong, Mike Saint-Jules and Sneijder.

How to enter? 

All you need to do in order to enter the contest is to be a registered member of our site and read the rules below.


  • You have to be a registered TrancePodium member. If you are not yet a member, you can register for free.
  • You need to completely fill out the submission form bellow, copy it with the correct information and send it in an email to with subject: "ITWT020 Competition"
  • Deadline for submissions is 12 June 2014.

Submission Form

Full Name:
TrancePodium username:
Full address:

Note: include your country of residence in the address as well. 

Good luck!

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