Woody van Eyden - RaveJuice

Written by Remco on 26 November 2014 in Releases
Woody van Eyden - RaveJuice

He’s a man with a production history that stretches back nearly as far as VANDIT’s own considerable label timeline!

With more production aliases than Sean Combs, a greater collaboration thirst than Christina Aguilera and more energy than a nuclear reactor, his tracks have rocked at least as many floors than you’ve had hot dinners! 

Most recently he’s shared ‘A Night Outside’ with Alex M.O.R.P.H. and, alongside fellow VANDIT Bandit (!) Maarten de Jong, yelled: ‘It’s A Shark!’ Fittingly enough, Woody’s juice to produce culminates this year… with ‘RaveJuice’! 

Hot from the desk of that one man force-of-nature, Woody van Eyden pops another ballistic floor trip into the CDJs.

‘RaveJuice’ strikes a perfect sonic balance between supremely tough speaker testing electro grind and deliriously uplifting synths. Woody plays those elements brilliantly off against melodic harmonies and ‘RaveJuice’s truckin’ beats and unstoppable bass.

It’s really all in the title. Rave. Juice. Let your floor want no more! 

Out now through VANDIT - Pick Up Your Copy Here:
Check 'RaveJuice' out through VANDIT’s SoundCloud page here:

1 Woody van Eyden - RaveJuice
2 Woody van Eyden - RaveJuice (Radio Edit)


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