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Airwalk - Indoor Trance Festival 2019

Date: 5 October 2019, at 21:00
Venue: De Maaspoort Venlo
Event Description
Deep in the night, while most folks have submitted themselves to the pleasures of dreamland, a small but innovative team of scientists begin work in the utmost secrecy. Within the compound one can only guess what may be going on behind close doors. Creatures from far and wide have been gathered for a specific purpose. This eccentric team are at work every night, in order to preserve endangered species, giving them a fighting chance against climate change and the perils of our ever changing world, or so they say.
Their mind clouded by over pompous zeal and sinister thoughts have lead the scientists to believe they are justified in attaining the role of the creator. Therefore they began experimenting between similar species of the animal kingdom. The liger was one of those creations. A new breed that surely stood out among all others.

Since the beginning festivals and dance music events have grown and flourished over the years. They have all shaped and defined how humanity from far and wide have experienced entertainment with the use of dance music. Out of the shadows a new and exciting concept has emerged to change all that we know. Fierce and ruthless it springs out in the open, ready to pounce as a new breed, ready to tackle the way we have come to experience nightlife and redefine it in its own unique way.

Airwalk Indoor Trance Festival 2019 proudly presents ‘THE NEW BREED’. Brace yourselves for a mightier, phrenetic night that will open doors to many more exciting adventures in clubland…