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Menno Solo 2022 - Winter Edition

Date: 8 January 2022, at 15:00
Venue: WesterUnie Amsterdam
Line up
58 x50 Menno de Jong
Event Description
Huge news, with The Finale postponed to May and some time to go until then Menno de Jong has been able to put together something very special to fill the gap. On Saturday January 8th 2022 there will be one last Menno Solo - Winter Edition at his favourite venue in Amsterdam: WesterUnie.

The incredible nights that Menno had there the past decade and beyond are too many to count. Are you ready to go on a journey there one last time?

As it stands proof of vaccination, a negative covid test or recovery certificate will be required in the form of a valid QR code. Please note that due to government restrictions this is currently a day party, but if possible when the time comes the start time will change and it will be a night party. Currently the event time is: 17:00-00:00, there will be delicious vegan food available at the restaurant.