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Menno Solo - The Finale

Date: 21 May 2022, at 17:00
Venue: Fuel Beachclub
Line up
58 x50 Menno de Jong
Event Description
With humble gratitude and respect I'm hereby announcing that on September 12th 2020 I will be performing the last set of my DJ career at Menno Solo - The Finale. The past 20 years have brought countless memorable moments, allowed me to see many of the world's most beautiful places, and brought amazing people in to my life..

But throughout that era I have grown older and changed significantly as a person, developing a pressing sense of urgency to make decisions about how I spend the remaining time in my life. Whereas the thought of touring as a DJ was initially infinitely enticing, over time it has become clear to me that it is also an enormously taxing lifestyle that leaves limited room for personal growth, health and time with family and friends. Moreover, I'm finding it increasingly hard to consolidate my environmental and animal rights beliefs with a profession that involves constantly jetting from one part of the world to another.

Full statement: http://www.trancepodium.com/articles/menno-de-jong-announces-end-of-his-dj-career