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Rong pres. Kinetic Global Trance Gathering 2017

Date: 7 October 2017, at 18:00
Venue: Victoria Warehouse Manchester
Event Description
After years of planning, Manchester's premiere Trance outfit are set to host the first in a new series of live music experiences with unprecedented scale.

Bringing together tenacious and uncompromising line-ups, world leading production and a stunning vision of how modern clubbing should be; it's fair to say the goalposts have been moved and the rulebook well and truly ripped up.

On Saturday 7th October, the new era of UK Trance Events begins. Inside Manchester's prodigious Victoria Warehouse, at precisely 6PM, the KINETIC experience comes to life!

Boasting an unrivalled visual performance from one of the incredible Tomorrowland VJ teams, KINETIC promises a breathtaking 17-hour event with awe and wonder proudly atop the bill. A completely bespoke lighting, laser and pyro FX set-up has been engineered to surround the dancefloor with a 60 foot wide, unique curved stage at the helm. The colossal platform itself stands 25 foot tall and will deliver a complete visual knockout with its configuration of over 300 Ultra HD resolution 4K panels.

More than 40 artists will assemble on October 7th to be a part of this immersive debut experience and KINETIC invites you to champion the rise of UK clubbing's next major hallmark. It's time to take the hard-line against the establishment. Music is our answer and together we unite, for something big, something beyond-compare, one night at a time.

Join the revolution. Experience the energy of movement.