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Trancefusion Power Of Elements

Date: 19 April 2014, at 18:00
Venue: Industrial Palace Prague
Event Description
TRANCEFUSION POWER OF ELEMNENTS - the Strongest Trancefusion ever!

Pure trance, the strongest line up to date, a full 13 hours of music , the most hi-tech technical production, huge visual and special effects and last but not least, a world class list of stars! All of this awaits you at Trancefusion Power of Elements in mid- April 2014. Trancefusion once again draws thousands of fans of this musical genre from virtually all corners of the world to Prague's Industrial Palace.
Every Thursday over the pastthree months BTL Agency announced a performer's name until the line-up was complete. Fans and critics alike are bubbling over with enthusiasm: look forward to another perfectly written chapter in the history of Trancefusion. As always, fans can look forward to several first time performances in the Czech Republic, various live performances, incredible special effects and most importantly a pure musical dance experience. And if that wasn't enough, we've also prepared some very unique b2b sets for this edition of Trancefusion!