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United Independence Trance Music Show

Date: 15 August 2018, at 16:00
Venue: www.Lumixfm.ru
Event Description
On 14 and 15 th August 1947 India and Pakistan both were divided and got freedom 71 years ago. But we are not freed from blaming each other, abusing each other and hate. And we must end this at all there are good and innocent people's living on both lands. I and my few friends from Pakistan are taking part in this Electronic Dance music event. I wish you come and join us for 3 hours non-stop mix on streaming radio . on www.lumixfm.ru

Please note :-

1) No hate and abusive words on a nation.
2) Announcements/advertisements of any personal credentials, projects or commercial services are seen as self-projection and will be deleted without notice.
3) Post only related to music.
4) No blame game. No finger pointing at the other country's faults, violations or weaknesses.
5) Share with positive things with your friends.