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DJ Ranz - Life In Audio -
1 April 2018, at 18:58

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Well, here it is, my new artist album that I've been gradually working toward.

Wait. What's that? I can't really call it an artist album, because it's got other people's work in it? But I remixed those other songs! OK OK, Fine, it's a mixcompilation.

But....every track that's in there is one that I've made or remixed. There's none that I didn't have a hand in making, so it doesn't really fit the title of mixcompilation even though I DJ mixed the songs together.

Hmmmm, this doesn't really fit into one single category & doesn't need to....I know, it's a hybrid album!

Just like how I'm a multiethnic person, this album is an artist album, remix collection & DJ Mix in one chronicling some of my most popular works from the last four years. A lot of people have asked for a sample of my own personal work during my gigs, so now, I have a Bento Box of music to share with them!



1. DJ Ranz - Mojibake
2. DJ Ranz – Potions of Pain
3. Hyper Potions – Friends (DJ Ranz Remix) from SONIC MANIA
4. DJ Ranz – Sugar Glider
5. DJ Ranz – Akihabara
6. Atsuko Asahi & Yasuaki Iwata - Arms Theme (DJ Ranz's Battle Dub Mix) from ARMS
7. DJ Ranz – Electric Fury
8. DJ Ranz – Ancient Rave
9. DJ Ranz – Hamon ~Ripple Energy~
10. Henry Jackman – Civil War (DJ Ranz Remix) from CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR
11. Junichi Nakatsuru - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & Nintendo 3DS Theme (DJ Ranz Remix)
12. Beto Ceba - Thumper (DJ Ranz Remix)
13. Toby Fox – Hopes & Dreams (DJ Ranz Remix) from UNDERTALE
Now known as Randy Derricott. I may sometimes use the DJ Ranz alias for certain projects though.