Super8 & Tab - Elektra (Green Octopus Remix)

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Super8 & Tab - Elektra (Green Octopus Remix) -
16 March 2009, at 04:46
I was busy today working on a remix of one of my favorite songs. This was pretty straight forward for me, but so far the biggest issues are dealing with the bassline and getting the main lead to have much less phasing. I'm still trying to work on a more unique build-up from the original, but it doesn't hurt to use the original as a sort of template.

As usual, I shy away from any pre-sets, so all bass sounds, pads, leads, and other synths are my own work... it's something that makes me feel my work is more something I've done individually.

Link: #url-removed

Back-up: #url-removed

What you know about that? Comments on it so far? :D
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