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Beginner DJ - lessons -
30 June 2013, at 17:23
Hi my names tommy, I'm currently trying to learn to dj/mix trance tunes but would be good to have someone to show me the ropes, so basically i'm willing to pay for lessons/tutorials whatever you will call it. Im based in Sale, Manchester, so if anyone feels they can help drop me an

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# 30 June 2013, at 20:17
Easiest tip which kinda speaks for itself: Read the manual, understand what each button does, then practice as often as you can. DJing is a physical action and you can give yourself the muscle memory of moving back and forth between buttons and knobs until it comes as second nature :D

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# 11 July 2013, at 17:46
any book/manuals you recommend pal?
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# i would recommend a school - 25 February 2019, at 09:37
i've started out as a DJ just like that looking at turotials and stuff online but i didn't feel like i could take money for it that was more like a hobby. I wanted to become a professional DJ so i took this DJ course and that was the best. sure you can find a great music school near by. :hp:
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